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5 Delectable Desserts the Ayurveda Style

When it comes to desserts, Ayurveda has a distinct style of making these. It uses ghee over oil which is usually considered better for health.

5 Amazing Offbeat Destinations of Kerala

Here are five such amazing offbeat destinations of Kerala that are perfect for a quiet vacation.

Turmeric – The Flawless Flavor of Indian Culture

Turmeric or Haldi is one such Indian kitchen/social/religious ingredient that has for years been a vital part of the Indian culture, adding color and flavors into all that it is poured into.

Traditional Bridal Fashion: The Nath

The ‘nath’ or nose ring is a popular piece of jewellery worn by brides in each and every part of India. The practice of piercing the nose with a ring or a stud dates back to the 16th century

Can We Consider Vegetarian Food as Medicine?

Most ingredients used in creating home-made medical decoctions are regular food items used by us. So I wondered, Can our food ingredients act as medicine?
Kerala Culture Kathakali

A Window to Kerala Culture: An Enchanting Land

Kerala culture is an eclectic mix of south Indian culture, traditions and customs. Individual characteristics stand out across North, Central and South Kerala.

How to Tackle Muscle Pain Naturally

The best step is to learn how to tackle such muscle pain and that too naturally.

Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha: Is Alternative Medicine Credible?

Alternative medicine systems use methods which diverge from the mainstream medicine and follow practices based on their distinct belief systems. Are they credible?
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Is Ayurvedic Medicine Losing Credibility in India?

Ayurvedic medicine is in the news. While the western world has discovered this holistic system of medicine, why is Ayurveda losing its credibility in India?