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Rare Bollywood movies on sports theme

Rare Bollywood Movies on Sports Theme – Part II

Here is a list of sports themed movies that have earned their spot in the classics; these movies inspire and entertain us, while sending out a strong message to the society:

Rare Bollywood Movies on Sports Theme – Part I

A list of sports themed Bollywood movies that have earned their spot in the classics.

Bollywood songs – A Reflection of Society and a Treasure of Musical Forms

Songs an integral part of Indian movies have for years been and continue to be a very important part of the movies, conveying emotions and moments in a variety of ways.

Does Bollywood Reflect Indian Society?

Why is it that movies these days fetch box office numbers rather than focus on problems in the society? The popular movies support objectification and corrupt the mind and body, no matter whether it is of a man or a woman.

Top 10 Indian Children Movies You Must Watch

Here, is the list of 10 Indian Children Movies that led to a bigger social impact on every child ‘s mind.
Architecture in Indian Movies

The Reel Storeys – Architecture in Indian Movies

No wonder Indian movies have only been too willing to set their stories in beautiful locations that are a feast to the eyes.
Crossover genre movies -Shobhana Mitr My Friend

Crossover Genre Movies in India Larger than Life!

Crossover genre movies in India have been successful to some extent in giving us a reality-based cinema that goes beyond the “larger than life” portrayal that Bollywood offers...
Genres Bollywood Should Try

5 Genres Bollywood needs to try out more often

Bollywood and formulas have had a very long history. Starting with Manmohan Desai’s Amar Akbar Anthony, which brought to Bollywood the superhit lost and found family that gets reunited theme, we have now evolved to the formula of big stars, minimal story, some gags and huge marketing budgets.

Traditional Family Homes of North India; The Joy of Living Together

Roughly dividing our discourse into two parts, let us forge ahead in this series to look at some of the traditional old homes of Northern India.

Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit in Kutch

If you are planning on a visit to Kutch then don’t miss out on visiting these popular tourist destinations: