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Indian Lunchbox

Indian Lunchbox – Epitome of Fusion Cuisine

The Indian lunchbox is evolving and keeping up with the times. A lunchbox no longer contains food that is simple, easy to cook and convenient. The “humble” lunchbox isn’t humble anymore; it has upped the ante. 
south india cultural tour

Exotic South Indian Cultural Tour With Distinctive Cultural Attractions

Southern part of India is one amongst the other renowned states that seeks most engaging attention due to the presence of an abounding cultural history. Let us explore some of the most treasured cultural associations of South India.

Chennai Cuisine: Every Foodie’s Delight

The varied and eclectic Chennai cuisine has many a food lover waxing lyrical about it which is also why it has such a prominent place in Indian cuisine.

Don’t Miss The Flavoursome Bangalore Cuisine

The best way to experience Bangalore is through its varied and flavoursome regional cuisine which will leave you drooling for more.
World of Spices

Indian Spices – Zaiyaka Bharat Ka

Indian spices not only enhance the taste of our food, but also are a part of our traditional medicine. Here is a list of 10 spices that are part of Indian cuisine.

Top 10 Indian Food Bloggers – Divas with Delicious Dishes

Anushruti RK The joy of cooking is exhilarating! To create delicious, mouthwatering food on your own is a feeling like no other. Yes, the...

Essence of being a Global Indian – Part II

Continued from "Essence of being a Global Indian – Part I" Sometime ago, we at Caleidoscope sought your opinion about the emergence of a “Global...
Federal India

Federal India – States and Regions with Their Own Cultural Identities

More so, the democracy of the land shines bright when regions or states are allowed to not necessarily follow a standard uniform cultural code. 
Maharashtrian food

Connect with Local – Serving Authentic Food of Maharashtra

We are losing the authenticity of our regional culture and cuisines. It is hard to find a good restaurant that can serve you authentic Maharashtrian food.
Vegan meals

Venture out on Vegan Meals!

Veganism is becoming a much talked about food concept that is rising in trend, which was first adopted by environmentalists and animal rights activists. But when I first came across this concept I wondered while avoiding meat to an extent was surely possible.