Alternative lifestyle features some of the best Indian minds who brought twist in their lifestyle.


Tour of Nilgiris Challenges Endurance Cyclists

Rising number of cycling enthusiasts has given rise to many cycling groups and tours. The Tour of Nilgiris is the only multi-day cycling tour in India

Be Enchanted at the Enchanted Valley Carnival in Lonavala

The most unique aspect of the Enchanted Valley Carnival is the first-ever music fully-fledged campsite for a music festival, known as Enchanted Village

Echoes of Earth Enthralls Bangaloreans

The Echoes of Earth musical festival was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that enthralled the audience with soulful music and dazzling art display

A Day to Thank 30 million Blood Stem Cell Donors Worldwide

Find out about DATRI, an NGO that is facilitating the process of finding blood stem cell donors for patients fighting fatal blood disorders

Atheists in India – Do They Exist?

Do atheists really exist in a land of thousand different gods? If they do exist, what is the attitude of others towards them?
Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

10 Most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

Everyone can give a speech but it is only true leaders who can give speeches that touch the heart. Here are the most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians...
Rina Hindocha

Urban Yogis and Alternative Yoga in India

In India, the approach towards Yoga has been changing with Alternative Yoga becoming popular among the urban elite. Here, we have handpicked a few for you

My First Time Inside an MNC

A small-town fresher’s first-time inside an MNC in a Metropolitan city
Indian writer - Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi – India’s Dan Brown?

Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi has everything it takes to be India's Dan Brown. Read more.
Agram Riding and Polo Academy

Agram Riding and Polo Academy – More than just a Sport

Besides training the enthusiasts, Agram riding and polo academy has teamed up with an NGO to provide therapy to disabled people of all ages. Read more.