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Brave Girls – A Film about Dreams and Struggles

The Brave Girls team has also begun a campaign to support the young women in India and across the globe.
The Women Behind the Indian Armed Forces

The Women Behind the Indian Armed Forces

But there are those many women who may not have served in the Indian Armed Forces or Central Armed Police Forces but are brave hearts of the nation.

5 Interesting Hobbies That Can Earn You Money

Well, this rings true for most of us. The reason is simple - our passion wouldn’t help us make as much money as we do; but what if it does? Check out five hobbies (read passions) that can be turned into money-making ventures.
Section 377 Abolishment

Section 377 Abolishment – Another Side of Story

The abolishment of Section 377 has brought a wave of joy in the country. Queer community and their supporters have finally taken a breath...

What Modern World Can Learn From Dongria Kondh Tribe of Odisha

Dongria Kondhs have taught us amongst many things, is that though their way of living differs from ours, we can learn a thing or two about how to stand firmly by what one believes and truly progress with conviction.
Delhi The-Best-City-to-Let-Your-Hair-Down-and-Party-All-Night

Delhi – The Best City to Let Your Hair Down and Party All Night

Thus, Delhi has a number of places where people can have fun by being themselves. It is time to say goodbye to posh and elegant looks for it is the right time to let your hair down and party like a pro.

The Love Hate Story of ‘Corsets’ – Indian Women Take A Quip

There has been a growing demand of shape wears and corsets too. This is mainly because, 1- Indian women want to look good. 2- Corsets also provide medical benefits like supporting injured spine and regulating weight.

Broadening Horizons Through Education!

I could have never thought before my stint as a Development facilitator that Education could have so much impact on changing the entire life of the people.

Tips to Create an Early Morning Exercise Routine Habit

The aforementioned tips are just a handful of ways that you can create an early morning exercise habit.

Why You Should Commute to Work on a Bicycle

Bicycle, which used to be the preferred mode of commute to work for the middle class, has sadly gone out of fashion over the last few decades.