Alternative lifestyle features some of the best Indian minds who brought twist in their lifestyle.

Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

10 Most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

Everyone can give a speech but it is only true leaders who can give speeches that touch the heart. Here are the most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians...
Rina Hindocha

Urban Yogis and Alternative Yoga in India

In India, the approach towards Yoga has been changing with Alternative Yoga becoming popular among the urban elite. Here, we have handpicked a few for you

My First Time Inside an MNC

A small-town fresher’s first-time inside an MNC in a Metropolitan city
Indian writer - Ashwin Sanghi

Ashwin Sanghi – India’s Dan Brown?

Bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi has everything it takes to be India's Dan Brown. Read more.
Agram Riding and Polo Academy

Agram Riding and Polo Academy – More than just a Sport

Besides training the enthusiasts, Agram riding and polo academy has teamed up with an NGO to provide therapy to disabled people of all ages. Read more.

Discoveries of Astronomical Proportions – Meteorite Death, Gravity Waves, Planet X?

Indian astronomers are involved in some of the most important discoveries in astronomy in a century – gravitational waves, meteorite death and Planet X!

Curing with Holistic Living: Health and Working Women

The cure for lifestyle diseases is fundamentally rooted in changing our ways of living. Listen up, ladies! this is for you.

Homeopathy, Unani, Siddha: Is Alternative Medicine Credible?

Alternative medicine systems use methods which diverge from the mainstream medicine and follow practices based on their distinct belief systems. Are they credible?

Macrobiotics – A diet for well-being

A healthy diet sets a healthy life. However, choosing a diet plan can be a task. Say hello to Macrobiotic lifestyle that gives you the freedom to eat smartly!
What is Right Education

Bearing Fulfilling Lives: What is Right Education?

What is right education? If education is to guide children towards fulfilling lives, then how can we create an atmosphere for this? Read more!