Coffee vs Tea – Take sides in Beverage War

When the winter fog envelopes, when the chill gets to our bones,
Nothing beats a hot cup of … pardon me… is it tea or coffee?

How can you have such doubts… it is coffee obviously! It’s the drink the world wakes up to every morning, right?

Hello excuse me, it is tea! My parents and their grandparents have had tea all through their lives!

This coffee thing has just been around for the last decades. How can anyone even think of a competition to tea!?!

Are you bewildered by this silly argument about two dumb beverages?

Wars have been fought over these two beverages and countries identify their culture with them elevating them as their national drinks. so they can’t not dumb, right?

As a kid I used to hate both the beverages and kept away from them all through my college days. I was an outcast among friends since I didn’t join them for their morning ciggy and a cuppa. Then I joined a business magazine and they assigned to cover the growing café culture among youth. Just then the first India International Coffee Festival happened. Soon the Tea Board of India came out with geographical patents for Darjeeling Tea and made all efforts to promote tea as a youthful and energetic drink. So amidst the war of the beverages, I became a hapless victim!

The world today is divided among tea drinkers and coffee sippers. The British stick to Earl Gray while the Americans swear by their decaffeinated latte! North Indians are now turning to coffee, while Southies are learning to drink Green tea and Masala Chai! Really? Check this link!

Now, it’s time to take sides! It’s war out there and you don’t wanna be a hapless victim! Make your choice and fight for your drink in the battle of Coffee vs Tea.

Levine Lawrence
Stuck inside an air-conditioned cubicle... i yearn to ride into the countryside... under the open blue skies, where farmers toil in the field, smell mitti ki khushboo, fill more greenery into the picture... travel across the world, meet more people, bring smile on faces... and finally, work for world peace. Just like those Miss World statements! I am a veteran media professional with 12 years of diverse experience in business media and research in India. Apart from my full time job as a researcher, I have been an avid travel photo-journalist, who has covered the art & cultural aspects of South India. Further, I am actively involved in the voluntary organisations working on energy efficiency, organic farming and environmental issues.