The Love Hate Story of ‘Corsets’ – Indian Women Take A Quip

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India has a diverse culture. Every time we visit one of those 36 states and union territories, we find a distinct flavour at each place. For instance – Bengali women love wearing silk and cotton sarees. On the other hand, Kashmiri girls look stunning in vibrant Pherans and Tarangas.  But let me take it a little further today.

Traditional Indian women have held themselves back over the years but the current crop of young and confident Indian females like to take a quip at just about everything. From wearing western dresses to customary saris, denims, gowns and jumpsuits, they try it all as per the occasion. What’s more, they are even more liberal and finicky about what to wear beneath their shirts. Yes, I am talking about inner garments, lingerie and corsets. Techsci Research report predicts Indian lingerie market to grow at a CAGR of over 24% during 2018-2023, which is huge by any means.

There has been a growing demand of shape wears and corsets too. This is mainly because, 1- Indian women want to look good. 2- Corsets also provide medical benefits like supporting injured spine and regulating weight.

Current State –

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Luckily, corset trend in India is healthier. Unlike in the west, where a good chunk of women wear these to work and for leisure purposes, there isn’t a downright craze but it sure is catching up. A lot of it has to do with native culture, which defines women, a little conservative. Rather I think it’s a blessing in disguise. Just because corsets aren’t extensively used, I assume the Indian mind set is astute comparatively.

These are some of its benefits though –

  • Corsets make you look good and in shape
  • You look sexier. Corsets uplift your sagging breasts and hold excess tummy.
  • Relieve you from back pain and restore right posture
  • Corsets aid in waist training too, which is about rearranging the fat around the waist to look slimmer
  • Some sites also claim they help in subsiding weight and menstrual issues.

And since women like to experiment here, corsets are simply the best under cover fashion statement.

What’s the flip side?

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Health professionals have a mixed opinion to its usage. They agree it might be the biggest social media fad to flaunt narrow waistlines and hourglass figures but corsets essentially should be worn with caution. One should be careful while choosing right size and material. Uneven and tight fittings can cause strains and rashes on the body. Same goes with the fabric.

Corsets when worn, tightly hug the mid part, which leads to frequent sweating and water loss. Continued use for longer periods can trouble abdomen and liver. With that said, there’s no denying that gorgeous selfies and number of Instagram Likes trigger a feeling of happiness and well-being. And we know how big a reprieve that is. Fighting through modern day stress with those corsets, it all looks easy? Isn’t it?

Takeaways –

I remember Rolf Dobelli writing in The Art of Good Life. Happiness has 2 meanings, one is instant ecstasy and other one, more meaningful. Instant ecstasy is the joy you get when you put a piece of chocolate in your mouth. On the other side, to be able to keep a check on your health, is more meaningful.

Don’t hold yourself back. Try a bit of everything. But understand when and where to take it easy. Look good but stay healthy!

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