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Karnataka-Ramachandra Guha

My Cultural Connection with Karnataka – Ramachandra Guha

In his talk “Karnataka Naa Kandathe” Ramachandra Guha spoke about his nostalgic memories of coming to Karnataka and being amazed by its linguistic diversity

Chennai & London Have More in Common Than You Think

Do you think Chennai & London could have common things, don't agree? Check out this story we have covered some convening factors that force you to agree both have great similarities.

This Illustrated Poem will Change Your Perspective on Women

Artist Joseph Ragini worked closely with a victim of sexual abuse for six months. A collaboration that culminated into these poetic illustrations, and a new Perspective on Women

What Makes Ahmedabad a World Heritage City?

To the much rejoice of Ahmedabadis (or Ahmedavadis),and the rest of the country, Ahmedabad is now a World Heritage City. For over 600 years, Ahmedabad has been a symbol of peace. It also houses some of the finest example of Indo-islamic architecture.

An Unprejudiced Tale of Mumbai’s Dark Nights (Book Review)

Without Prejudice begs to be read and brings forth with it the gritty world it tells the tales of- a world of women, from poor and desperate backgrounds, who are furthermore downtrodden and frowned upon by the cities.

The Potential of Animation for Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is discovering that animation can be a perfect medium to explore these concepts in depth and attract new customers and visitors.
Kolkata Coffee House

The Kolkatan obsession with Coffee House

Kolkata Coffee House has been a constant place for people of all ages to gather, sip on coffee and munch on food while discussing every topic under the sun
Decoding Superstitions in India

Decoding Superstitions in India: Logic-Based Rituals or Symbol of Ignorance?

Author – Shivalik Raha India – a huge country situated in the heart of Asia and endowed with a diverse terrain right from the Himalayas...

Why Moving to Hyderabad Was the Best Decision of My Life

Hyderabad is known as the “City of Pearls,” offers top quality living standards, has its culture intact and has relatively lower crime than other cities of India.
Neemrana Bawdi

Water Conservation Lessons from Ancient Stepwells in India – Part II

Ancient Indian Stepwell is a scientific technique to store rainwater, later used at the time of famine. However, the medieval kingdoms of Indian subcontinent constructed these stepwells