Culturally Kolkata – A handguide to the city’s way of life

Kolkata – the ‘City of Joy.’ No, this is just not another name given to a city,  for there lies a deeper meaning to it. You need to actually visit the city to experience some finer elements of life firsthand. The land that brought art cinema to India, that nurtured Odissi and Kathak dances, created the Bengal School of Art, owns tomes of literature in Bengali, gave birth to Rabindra Sangeet, and fashioned a unique cuisine that blended Oriental and Indian culinary styles, is no doubt regarded as the Cultural Capital of India!

Delving into its history, the erstwhile ‘Calcutta’ was the first capital of the East India Company or the British Raj. Therefore, the British impact can be seen all over the city, starting from the iconic Howrah Bridge to the famous New Market to the magnificent Victoria Memorial with its angel signalling the advent of the modern civilization from time immemorial. The city’s buildings portray a harmonious mix of British and Indo-Saracenic architectural motifs.

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Kolkata Infographic - Places to visit in Kolkata

Illustrations – Debjani Roy