Delhi Culture: A Mix of Contemporary and Rich Traditions

Author – Aanchal Setia

The beauty of Delhi culture is that it is a reflection of the culture of India as a whole.

People who came to this ancient city from different states brought some of their own unique culture to Delhi. However, Delhi too has its own distinguished history which has made some impact on its cultural scenario.

Delhi Culture
Image – Flickr / Carlos

On the one hand, we can see Old Delhi still living in the past, upholding the values of yore. On the other hand, there is New Delhi where people have quite adopted the Western culture.

Here is the list of reasons behind our absolute love towards Delhi:

People of Delhi

Jor Bagh Delhi – Flickr/Panoramas

People of Delhi neither speak English nor Hindi. They tend to speak their own made up language usually known as HINGLISH. This unusual language consists of 40 % Hindi,30 % English,15% indecipherable acronyms and the rest is pure made up language.

Delhi Metro

Delhi Culture: Metro-Train
Image – Flickr / Francisco Martins

Connecting almost every place in Delhi, Delhi Metro is the most convenient and mostly the first priority of people for travelling. While the other cities struggle with local trains, Delhi boasts its clean,easily accessible and fully air conditioned Metros.

Delhi Food

Delhi Culture: Street-food
Image – Flickr / Rohan Prakash

Delhi has a legendary cuisine and the best street food ever! “Foodie’s Paradise” is the title bestowed upon Delhi as it is perfect for different appetites, budgets and the insatiable Indian palette.The finger lickin’ good,mouth watering food always awaits you in Delhi.

Delhi Fairs and Festivals

Delhi Culture: Fairs-and-Festivals
Image – Flickr / Deepak Bhatia

Numerous fairs and festivals celebrated in the city add to its magic of the modern and the traditional. The Chhat Puja of Bihar is celebrated with as much festivity as the Durga Puja of Bengal. There is also no difference in the celebrations of the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Fitr and the Punjabi festival of Lohri.

Delhi Music

Delhi Culture: Music
Delhi Drum Circles @ Kunzum Travel Cafe

From shopping in Chandni Chowk to posh malls in South Delhi, from the sounds of Qawwalis in Nizamuddin Shrine and Gurbanis of Bangla Sahib to the loud music of pubs and rock/pop music at cafes, Delhi comes as a merger of modern lifestyles and old traditions.

Delhi Monuments

Delhi Culture: Jamia Masjid
Jamia Masjid Delhi – Flickr / Dennis Jarvis

The various monuments of the city like the Jama Masjid, Lodi Gardens, Qutub Minar, Red Fort etc. further highlight the culture of Delhi. Not only they serve as weekend getaways but they also teach us a lot about our country’s rich heritage.

It is the diversity that makes Delhi so lively and colourful.

Aanchal Setia
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