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Plants that are Perfect for Gifting on Christmas

This holiday season choose a gift that perpetuates the idea of a green Christmas. Yes, we are talking about gifting some beautiful plants here.

Exploring the Best Cities of California

Blue skies and mild temperatures almost year-round (except the sea, rather cool!) Give California an incomparable quality of life, source of economic and migratory dynamism that makes it the engine of the American dream.

Incredible Places to Visit in Mohali

Mohali has amusement parks, sanctuaries, sacred places, Gurdwara, lakes, parks, and historical places, and other eye-catching places.

Good Bye to Single-use Plastic, Say Hello to Banana!

Banana leaf technology is a cellular eco-friendly technology that preserves leaves and organic biomaterials for a year without the use of any chemicals. Naturally, leaves and most biomaterials degrade within a shelf lifespan of three days and are discarded as waste.

Gumnaami : In the Search for Truth

Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji has made his latest film, ‘Gumnaami’ as a contribution to the substantive body of research that challenges the official perspective on Netaji’s death.

8 Benefits of Flying By Private Jet Charter

Discover how affordable it really is to fly by private jet charter and some of the top benefits compared to boarding a commercial flight.
Relish a read on a mother’s account of backpacking across Canada with her family.

22 Days in Canada, Planning a Trip with Kids!

When it doesn’t rain in the summer, kids enjoy in the park  Traveling with kids? I spent 22...

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents Who Live Far Away

If you are planning to seek these services this holiday season and surprise your grandparents, here are some amazing ways of doing so.
Sample Papers can Help You in Exam Preparations

Important Methods in Which Sample Papers can Help You in Exam Preparations

If you want to score well in Maths, ensure to practice sample papers timely to get a good hang of concepts, formulas and overall clarity of solving equations.

In The Abode of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple – Srirangam

The Ranganathaswamy temple in Srirangam is reminiscent of the cultural exchange and diversity which used to prevail centuries back, at the time when the temple was constructed.