Levine Lawrence

Levine Lawrence
Stuck inside an air-conditioned cubicle... i yearn to ride into the countryside... under the open blue skies, where farmers toil in the field, smell mitti ki khushboo, fill more greenery into the picture... travel across the world, meet more people, bring smile on faces... and finally, work for world peace. Just like those Miss World statements! I am a veteran media professional with 12 years of diverse experience in business media and research in India. Apart from my full time job as a researcher, I have been an avid travel photo-journalist, who has covered the art & cultural aspects of South India. Further, I am actively involved in the voluntary organisations working on energy efficiency, organic farming and environmental issues.
Sukrushi Farm3

Urban Organic Farming

Do we wonder what food we eat everyday in our lives… Most of us wonder about it only when we go for a fine dining eat out! Otherwise on any other day, we care a damn what vegetables and cereals are being cooked to make our curry… After eating a tasty crunchy Gobi Manchurian or a Butter Chicken, why do our fingers have orange coloured stains…