Levine Lawrence

Levine Lawrence
Stuck inside an air-conditioned cubicle... i yearn to ride into the countryside... under the open blue skies, where farmers toil in the field, smell mitti ki khushboo, fill more greenery into the picture... travel across the world, meet more people, bring smile on faces... and finally, work for world peace. Just like those Miss World statements! I am a veteran media professional with 12 years of diverse experience in business media and research in India. Apart from my full time job as a researcher, I have been an avid travel photo-journalist, who has covered the art & cultural aspects of South India. Further, I am actively involved in the voluntary organisations working on energy efficiency, organic farming and environmental issues.
memories of Monsoon

Reliving Memories of Monsoon

“Dekho kaise parbath se baadal gaye, Barsenge yeh ab kaha... Dekho kaise phoolon se khushboo gayi, Mehekenge yeh ab kaha...” – Dhaani by Strings... It was a thunderstorm which shook me from my slumber. After lunch, I had snoozed off on my workstation, listening to the Pak group, Strings.

Interesting Story Behind Logos

We all love some of the products we use so much that they become renowned brands. Some of them even have their own cult communities who worship them. There is always a story behind each of these brands and their logos. Here are some stories of logos which are now world famous brands.

Eco-friendly Gifts

Everyday there is talk about how to save the environment, what we individuals can do at home. I was wondering is it possible to bring some glamour to eco-friendly lifestyle…
Kaggaladu Bird Sanctuary

Giving LIFE to Birds in Kaggaladu

Kaggaladu (Kaggalaadu) is another remote village which is privileged to have storks and pelicans come every year to settle their nests on trees in the village. Heard of rare birds coming to nestle amidst the noise and chaos of a village…

A path to sustainable living – Auroville

Is there an ideal place on earth... where money would no longer be the sovereign lord, where work would not be a way to earn one's living but a way to express oneself, where education is given for discovering oneself rather than for certificates, where people do not amass personal wealth but create sustainable communities, is there a place of an unending education,

Unfair and Lovely?

While watching the movie, 'Cheeni Kum', I saw an ad on ‘Fair & Lovely Menz Active’ launched recently! That made an instant connection for me and I was nostalgic about an encounter I had with the movie's director, 'adman Balky' during my early days of journalism...

Revive-it-yourself – Potli Folk Art Kit

How to be creative using ready do-it-yourself kit of Indian art and craft. Whenever we want to do some artwork, our choices are confined to few things available in the marketplace – fabric design, oil painting, water colours, paper and gum, etc.

Where is the Bengali Bhadralok…

Truly as the famous saying, "what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow!"
Vasantahabba festival

Vasantahabba festival – A Distant Memory!

Witnessing Vasantahabba was like an annual pilgrimage for dance and music devotees. They knew it happens on the first week of February every year, heralding the arrival of spring season

Defining Nostalgiphilia

Beware; it could be the classic symptom of ‘Rustic Retro’. This is a rash like itching symptom of a dreaded disease called Nostalgiphilia that afflicts mainly those urbanites who are above 21 years