Sana Pujani

Sana Pujani
Sana Pujani alias Sneha Pujani - Introvert by heart and extrovert by choice, I live in more than couple of worlds at a time. This makes life interesting to say the least. When I see something, I spin tales round it and when there is a remotely solid story, I take to the modern quill and parchment and bring you a world as see it. With me, you can explore the devil in an angel’s eyes and explore the heaven’s wild side. Perusing a dual degree course in Mumbai, I am an aspiring writer bidding my time!

Kala Ghoda Fest 2016 – It’s Talent Under One Roof

Kala Ghoda Fest - One of the largest cultural art fest has begun. And here is what you should not miss. Read more.
Sula vineyard—Of wine, cheese, and good music

Sula Vineyard–Of wine, cheese and good music

Well, for a country where wine consumption 1/8000th of France, this seems to be about right. That doesn’t mean there is no wine culture here.

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His Highness Prince Aga Khan

A different Muslim Community: Khoja Muslims

Khoja Muslims - A unique Muslim community that believes in education, humanity and living in peace.