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How Can Golf Fight Depression and Anxiety

Imagine rolling acres of green, sunny mornings, birds chirping and beautiful sunsets. This picture instantly envelopes you with a feeling of happiness, well-being and...

Shopping in the Age of Cashless Transactions

With all these amazing offers and deals, consumers need not think twice about heading out to shop. Cashless transactions are so easy and hassle-free that everything gets done with a click
Patriotism in India Flag

Patriotism in India – Are We Being Selective?

Why are we being selective in our definition of patriotism in India? Shouldn't other topics that concern the development of the nation also be upheld?
Lotto Winners

Knowing the Top 5 Richest Lotto Millionaires

There are many inspiring stories of self-made millionaires who have gained immense wealth thanks to sheer hard work. Yes, those stories are inspiring. But...

Seeking Acceptance from those Around Me

We cannot always wait for acceptance from others, as we might lose ourselves in the process. Even then, it is a hard lesson to learn in life.
Brave Puppy Luna

The Story of a Brave Puppy that Survived the Sea

Author - Yash B For most land animals (including human beings) the sea is a dark world: formidable, vast, tyrannical and treacherous. It is always...

Book Review: I Don’t Wear Sunscreen

Kavipriya Moorthy’s chick lit book deals with a middle-class woman’s struggle to find her footing after a relationship goes awry
Write Short Story on Adulthood

Contest Closed : Short Story Writing on “The Moment You Felt Like an Adult”

We want to know about your moment of epiphany - the moment you felt like an adult. Come share it with us. Let's all grow up together, once again

Will Lord Muneshwara Refrain from Sutta on World No Tobacco Day?

Will Lord Muneshwara of Karwar refrain from sutta on World No Tobacco Day?
JNU Students Protest

Is JNU Grappling with Right-wing Politics?

The alleged anti-national activities in the varsity and the arrest of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar has brought in focus the functioning of the institution of higher learning, which is funded and established by the Government of India.