Multicultural Caleidoscope

Multicultural Quiz
Multicultural Quiz

The word ‘Culture’ evokes strong emotions among people. Particularly in India, the debate on what is Indian and what is imported culture, rages on forever. It has been 20 years since our country liberalised its economy and allowed outside influences. So have we changed… it would be interesting to know whether we have changed and if yes, how different are we in our cultural identity.

These beautiful vivid icons were designed by German based Chinese designer Yang Liu to illustrate the differences between Oriental and the Occidental cultures in a convincing manner! This is an interesting way to find out whether we are still Oriental or have adopted Western culture. Please participate in this quiz to find out… Please click on the buttons next to the images to show your preferences:

One life to live… travel, greenery, sunrise sunset, birds, animals, farms etc. Yes there are few things that really inspire me. Born in a small place in the womb of malnad and now based in Bangalore. Graduated from the University of mysore specialized in photography and design. Design earns my bread and photography quenches my thirst. At present working as design lead for an UK based MNC. Very nostalgic and love modern times too… Eager to make a farm based on Fukuoka’s theory of Natural farming (Do nothing agriculture). Really want to see the flying lizard in the forests of Western Ghats. Yes it is the same lizard mentioned in “Karvalo” by one of my favorite writer Puchanthe. Brazil and Jamaica are my dream destinations that one day I will visit for sure.