What is Free about Freelancing?

about freelancing

They were not bonded to work for just one particular army, so they could be hired by foreign armies too. Freelancers were often given serious assignments that normal soldiers could not do. In current times, freelance means “To work independently rather than as a long-term employee.” However, sometimes I find myself mulling over how somewhat misrepresented the word “free” is in freelancing. To me, a couple of things are not at all “free” about freelancing. A freelancer (could be from any profession — sales, advertising, marketing, media, or the business world), never works for “free”, does not have “free” time (because they too have to work, and work-assiduously, because they have no pension schemes to fall back on!)

The only reason that may seem appropriate to use “free” in “freelancing” is possibly — the “freedom” that the freelancer has from having to work for a long-term boss or a senior (who I truly think is great if they can really bring out the best in their juniors). However, as the brackets suggest, that to me, is not “freedom” either. If my senior/employer guides me well, teaches me how to be and remain alert and disciplined, I wouldn’t really want “freedom” from working under such a valuable senior! In fact, I’d continue working long-term.

So the only thing possibly “free” about freelancing to me, is the freedom to pursue work that I love doing — something that sets my spirit “free”.Freelancing is about giving independence to the spirit. As a result I feel the word “Independent” could be used as a synonym for “Freelance” on many forums of the world. Freelancing is more about the “Independence of spirit” that pushes individuals to work independently.



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