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Contemporary Indian Art – Finding Gems in Paintings

Indian painters have tried their hand on a wide spectrum of art genres. Here is a list of popular and prominent genres in contemporary Indian art.

Chitra Santhe Showcases Affordable Visual Art

Chitra santhe Art For All not only features prominent artists from across India, but also provides a platform for amateurs to showcase their visual artworks
Set design in Indian cinema - 2 States

Architectural Set Design in Indian Cinema

Here are some of the well known movies that were worth mentioning for their architectural set design in Indian cinema.
Architecture in Indian Movies

The Reel Storeys – Architecture in Indian Movies

No wonder Indian movies have only been too willing to set their stories in beautiful locations that are a feast to the eyes.
Pramila Giria-Behind the Mask

Mesmerizing Display of Talent – Indian Art Festival

The paintings and sculptures exhibited at the Indian Art Festival were the embodiment of the artists themselves. They had bared their soul on canvas for art connoisseurs
Ravindra Prasad-She-Series

Imagining A World Without Art?

Does art play a role in our society? But imagine a world without art – there would be nobody who would make movies, music or paint.

Historic Brands that transformed India

After India shed its socialistic legacy, the country has become a breeding ground for world’s leading corporate brands. While most of these brands have emerged since the days of liberalisation, some of them are historic brands that date back to the pre-independence era.
simple logo design

Why Simple Logo Design is Better

There is a variety of reasons why a simple logo design is superior than a highly detailed one.

The Era of Aesthetics: Origin of Artistic Functionality

Design and décor have seen an evolution of sorts in the past one century. So what really makes an era? To understand that, we must first, fully understand what décor stands for. To begin with, décor is a matter of imbibing certain design elements within a confined space to make a statement. Having said that, décor is not limited to the technical aspects of design alone. It has to do with sensibilities and an eye for aesthetics.

Picturing It With Passion

To be able to capture everyday drama for what it really is – just everyday drama... To be able to render a rare creativity to the chaos of everyday living... That’s what photographs have the capacity to do. Clicking pictures and capturing images...