Best Eco-friendly ideas from India for sustainable living.

NGO in India Paani-Foundation

NGOs & Model Villages Bring Hope for Drought in Maharashtra

These model villages and voluntary foundations have helped in solving the drought problem in Maharashtra through their innovation and groundwork

Crazy Animal Lovers Preserve Wildlife – Part 1

Fortunately there are few animal lovers among us who have taken up the task of preserving wildlife from the ever expanding human intrusion
SmartCane for Blind People

Innovations for Visually Impaired – Shining a Light in the Darkness

Here are some interesting innovations created by Indian innovators that can help the visually impaired manage with their lives:

How to Create Eco-friendly Interiors

How does one create eco-friendly interiors in today’s chaotic world? Here are a few simple tips to do just that

Get a sense of the soil at GKVK Krishi Mela

GKVK Krishi Mela becomes the heaven for farmers, since they get the best opportunity to witness the latest advancements in the field of agriculture and bring them to their lands

Dhananjay Chakraborty’s Subuj Rath – Spreading Eco-awareness

Author – Sahana V Rajan The thing that sustains the inertia in us is also a source of change. Livelihood – our demanding jobs and...
heat wave - birds

Heat Wave and Global Warming – It’s time to turn the tide

Do you wonder if there is any connection to the heat wave and global warming, the western disturbance and the El Nino effect, which is harming our monsoon?
Velas Turtle Festival for saving turtles

Velas Turtle Festival for Saving Turtles

The Velas Turtle Festival is organized every year between February and April. The villagers of Velas volunteer to provide homestay facility to eager tourists who flock this village every year
Eco-Friendly Eating - Lodhi Garden Restaurant

Eco-friendly Eating out at Lodhi Gardens

Eating out at weekends has become a part of our lives. Why not make it an 'eco-friendly eating' time by trying organic food for a change?

Tips for Eco-friendly living for a guilt free life

Today, on the eve of Earth Day, let’s pledge to make a difference in our lifestyle to build a better planet. I am sharing my tips for eco-friendly living.