Eco-friendly Ideas for Future – Part II

In our previous post on eco-friendly ideas we covered some of the best ideas to bring sustainability in our living. This post is the continued part of the  Eco-friendly ideas for future part I. Please leave your opinion on the comment section of this post.

Banana Fibre

Eco-friendly Idea - Banana Fibre Bag

Human beings have used various types of fibre for clothing and furnishing. Cotton, silk, jute, synthetic fibre, etc. How about Banana fibre! Innovators in south India have used this fibre to weave various types of clothing and furnishing material. The Banana fibre could be the wonder fabric that can provide a new revenue stream for both handicraft artisans as well as farmers. It is flexible enough to be woven into mats and bags, as well as flattened into paper. There are enough producers to support an export market.
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Eco-friendly Idea - Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an innovative fuel made from vegetable oil which can be used for standard diesel engines without any alteration in the machine. This is nature’s gift for an oil starved India. Even farmers can make oil in their village and run their diesel gensets or tractors.

Eco-friendly Idea - Biodiesel

Biodiesel is an invention that took nearly 100 years to be commercially utilized. IISc scientists rediscovered an idea suggested by Rudolf Diesel and have set the stage for another farmer driven fuel revolution. Making Biodiesel is no rocket science. Many innovators have made it at home through a process called ‘Transesterification,’ which removes unwanted components from vegetable oil and renders it a ‘methyl ester’. However, the fuel vs. food controversy has stifled its acceptance due to govt. curbs on methanol usage is a catalyst.
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Sun Burnt Brick

Soil Stabilized Brick or sun burnt brick is a simple innovation that can prevent topsoil degradation and tree felling for burning bricks. Instead of buying regular burnt bricks, create your bricks at your building site, using the ratio of 80% soil, 15% sand and 5% cement.

Eco-friendly Idea - Sun Burnt Brick

The bricks have to be pressed using a manual powered machine and sun dried. Flyash Bricks are also becoming the trend in areas near to any thermal power plant. The powdery ash collected at the plant is being mixed with cement to create a light weight sturdy brick which is cheap and eco-friendly.
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Ice in desert

Eco-friendly Idea - Yakhchal

How do you make ice in hot desert so that you can relish your icecream… simple, build a Yakhchal, which is the finest example of earth based architecture. By 400 BC, Persian engineers had mastered the technique of storing ice in the middle of summer in the hot, dry desert climate of Iran. The ice was brought in during the winters from nearby mountains in bulk amounts, and stored in a Yakhchal, or ice-pit. These ancient refrigerators were used primarily to store ice and food for use in the summer. Details:

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