Keeping Hope Alive Always – Poem

Author – Sindhura Saradhi

Keeping Hope Alive

Many a time did I ask you to keep shedding the past?
All that did happen cannot be erased for sure.
Not back again the time goes, to hear the voice that says,
Wrong you had totally been, right is what you haven’t seen,
An uphill battle that had fallen apart,
should now begin right from the start.
To the way it changed, the difference lies,
For, sans relations, you are now lonely lass.
The road doesn’t look so smooth,
Not the same way, your pals do soothe,
But still the gates aren’t closed,
Of time, there’s no way to choose the end.
Every new dawn gives you hope, that there’s no limit to your scope.
It’s not just courage that drives behind; but the faith that burns inside.
Since victory is just a fine nothing, when it is not from within.

– from the poetry collection, “The Calling”

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