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When we initiated our offbeat travel destination and travelogue contest, many of our friends countered us with a specific question, “What do you mean by an offbeat travel destination?” “How do you define one?”

At first, we were taken aback by this simple question! How can anyone have doubts about the definition of offbeat tourist spots? However, when we sat down to define them, we realized that there is no clear cut demarcation between a mainstream tourist spot and an offbeat one.

So, we began a compilation of defining points to differentiate an offbeat travel destination from a mainstream one. Please check and vote if you agree with these defining points:

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According to me, an offbeat travel destination is…
Not very popular among weekend travelers
Not a main part of a tour operator’s itinerary
Not a major religious pilgrimage destination
Not a major shopping destination
Not a major summer/winter vacation destination
Has very few options for overnight stay
Does not have easy transport options
Favoured by foreign tourists but not Indians

If you feel these criteria are inadequate to define an offbeat destination, you can suggest better ones.  Suggest us better defining points by commenting to this post.

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