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Famous Lathmaar Holi in Barsana

While the entire country celebrates this joyous festival with colour and water, Barsana celebrates Holi with batons or lathis!

Essence of being a Global Indian – Part II

Continued from "Essence of being a Global Indian – Part I" Sometime ago, we at Caleidoscope sought your opinion about the emergence of a “Global...
Treasure hunts in Indian - Jaigarh Fort near Jaipur

Famous Treasure Hunts in Indian History – Part I

Famous treasure hunts in Indian - From time immemorial, the fascination for gold has persuaded the human civilisation to launch numerous treasure hunts. Here is a list of great treasure hunts in Indian history, which are remembered for their infamy and intrigue

Telangana wins, Hyderabad loses?!

For a person who was unexposed to issues of Andhra Pradesh (AP), I was quite taken aback by the violence during the statehood agitation. I always thought when we fight against our oppressors we become violent, but Telangana and the rest of Andhraites are supposed to one Telugu brethren

Auspicious Mehendi and Funky Tattoos

The art of mehendi is one such tradition that has managed to establish itself firmly in the annals of fashion as a classic instead of a mere fad. The trend has garnered a huge fan following not just in the Asian countries but even in the West. Similarly, temporary tattooing has also gained tremendous popularity around the globe.

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grand rangoli

Rangoli – A riot of colours!

Rangoli, a traditional Indian folk art also known as ‘Kolam’ in the south, is a decorative pattern religiously created in front of the courtyard of all Hindu households every morning.
Memorable sunset at Hampi

Photo Feature – The lost city of Hampi

The lost city of Hampi, in Karnataka is famous as a UNESCO world heritage site. The place is a photographers delight, the landscapes, the ruins, the weird arrangement are the main attractions. One can spend time leisurely looking at randomly balanced stone boulders or the beautifully carved temples.

Little Magazines and Big Books at Kolkata Book Fair

I was eagerly awaiting the book festival like a priestess waiting for Durga Pujo. And finally it arrived.

Discovering a Folk Art Form – Chittara

However, not many know about the existence of a visual folk art form named Chittaara or Chittara.