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Experiences of Studying in a Public School of Delhi During 1960’s and 70’s

The Delhi Public School is a conspicuous landmark on that segment of the Mathura Road which is bang opposite the imposing Oberoi Intercontinental Hotel. In our days, the flyover between the two buildings had not been built

Bicycle – Once A Rocket to a Kid

There were days when a bicycle was a dream of every primary school kid. The younger ones, watching their older siblings learn, wished, hoped, and begged for a chance to ride that big cycle.
Brands Sell Nostalgia

Selling Repackaged Nostalgia to Indian Consumers

This is the magic of Paper Boat- the drink, and Paper Boat- the feeling. ‘They’ are the elders of millennials and to them, nostalgia surely tastes good!

Poem – To Our Beloved Teachers

Its true that you will never forget things you learn.. so take a moment and thank that person who taught you.

Don’t let the ‘Rakhi’ be a harness this Rakshabandhan Day

Brother-sister relationship is precious as symbolised by the auspicious Rakshabandhan day but these days there is a need to re-look what it stands for.

The Special Someone

A friend is someone special who is always by your side to help you through good and bad times, who loves to see you smile every time.

I Stepped into My Father’s Shoes

Some realise they are at the threshold of adulthood when they are asked to shoulder responsibility and follow in the footsteps of their father.
Shooting Star and Colour Red

Shooting Star and Colour Red

A life is torn apart before it even begins and what could have been a shooting star for a child turns into the nightmare of reality in a war ravaged world.

Image of Truth: Take Me Back

Author - Aparna Negi The birds they sing so cheerfully. Oh! I love their voice. I am flattered by their mesmerizing voice. But now they...

Change of Game; Let’s Play James Bond

Now I cry, for I allowed the man I love to feel the woman in me, letting him know the wound I bear. I cry, for I finally let it go. I am washing away a lot of things.