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Snakes in India - Malabar Pitviper Venomous

How to coexist with snakes

Finally, if you leave your prejudices behind and look at snakes, you’ll see snakes are pretty creatures too. You’ll find them in interesting sizes, shapes, colors and patterns. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Snakes in India - Malabar Pit viper

Snakes in India – Angels in disguise

Snakes in India - The portrayal of snakes in Indian mythologies, fairy tales has fed our misunderstanding. Snakes are a vital part of our ecosystem. They are indeed angels in disguise!
Eco fashion Fabindia women

Eco Fashion Becomes Trendy!

Green products have gained momentum. With technology, a lot of eco fashion materials have been introduced to the fashion industry.

Reviving a dead river – Vrishabhavathi

Kengeri Mori, Vrishabhavathi Nala, as these names suggest, the Vrishabhavathi river has been the carrier of all sorts of industrial toxic waste and domestic waste water.
Urban Wildlife Purple Sunbirds

Know Your Urban Wildlife

When we think of wildlife, an image comes to our mind – trekking miles deep into the jungle, camping in the forest overnight, watching...

Can our civilisation lead an eco-friendly lifestyle…

Living in harmony with the environment comes at a price of sacrificing our comforts. It's high time our civilisation moves towards an eco-friendly lifestyle
The Pack wild dogs documentary

Documentary Filmmaker – The One Behind the View Finder

Let’s look at the person peeping into the viewfinder behind the camera. Making a feature film is easy because if you miss a shot, you can re-shoot it. But while making a documentary, there are wild animals being captured and the camera is on your shoulder. There are no rehearsals!

Let children celebrate Kitchen Garden Day

Kids have a natural affinity to flowers and butterflies. Having a tiny kitchen garden can ensure that they get to see flowers and butterflies occasionally
Water Hyacinth on Lake

Nualgi – a saviour for sewage water?

Nualgi Nano Silica is one such technology developed by Indian innovators to feed diatoms. Diatoms are a type of single cell algae (phytoplankton), which live in all types of natural water bodies. Diatoms use sunlight to produce food through photosynthesis and they become food for other zooplanktons, which in turn are food for fishes. When this cycle is completed, the oxygen level in the water rises and the water body becomes healthy for all living beings.
SmallSteps foldable bag

Vote for Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Our Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest has reached the culminating stage now. We have received nominations from all across for the best eco-friendly innovative idea seen in India. Now, we seek your vote for the best idea among these innovations. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. If your idea is not in this list, you can add a new idea along with its photograph searched online. A participant can only choose two ideas. They can also promote their idea among their friends and get more votes. Just write a comment to vote for the idea.