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Indian Independence – The Finest Example of Unity in Diversity

India being home to a diverse population it was the coming together of all different movements that finally led the way towards total Independence.

Indian Elections – Great Opportunity To Spread Misinformation

This soap opera that we call Indian elections, provide immense opportunities to engage in entertaining conversations and spread our share of misinformation
Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

10 Most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians

Everyone can give a speech but it is only true leaders who can give speeches that touch the heart. Here are the most Heart Warming Speeches by Indians...

Discoveries of Astronomical Proportions – Meteorite Death, Gravity Waves, Planet X?

Indian astronomers are involved in some of the most important discoveries in astronomy in a century – gravitational waves, meteorite death and Planet X!
Indians hate to abide with rules

Why Do Indians Hate to Abide with Rules?

Rules are to abide by. But do we really understand the need for it? Ever wondered why Indians find it hard to follow them. Here some food for thought!

Is India Becoming an Intolerant Nation?

What aggrieves a liberal Indian is the level of intolerance that is being exhibited unabashedly. It’s time we ask if India has become an intolerant nation?

Poem: Freedom Is My Birthright

Freedom is not something that we got when the British left us. It is so much more than just independence. What exactly is freedom, and its true essence?
Religious fanaticism

90% of Indians are Idiots!

The way everyone around us is ready to fight and die in the name of religion, we tend to believe like may be 90% of Indians are idiots
Aam Aadmi Party MLA

Main Aam Aadmi nahi hoon, kyunki…

I do not need a political party to start an agitation or take a stand. I wrote down these points to declare why I am no more a common man, a.k.a. Aam Aadmi
Swachh Bharat - the-ugly-indian

Can Gandhigiri Ensure Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, would be realised only if it is pooled with an equally effective ‘Swachh Soch Abhiyan’! That is let our mindsets first go through a cleaning process!