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Mumbai Café Mondegar

Munching on the streets of Mumbai

We searched for the 40 best places to eat out in Mumbai! right from Chowpatty to Church Gate, Colaba to Marine Drive

An Obsession called Ilish Maachh

The Bengali Bhadralok have a fancy for many things and chief among them is fish or ‘Feesh’ It is a Bengali ritual for the man of the house to go to the market daily to buy a fresh supply of fish which must be a part of the daily menu. The queen of fish ‘Hilsa’, popularly known as ‘Ilish maachh’, in the Bengali language, is the heartbeat of Bengali cuisine and diet.

Sizzle with Misal Pav

The bright red colour of Misal Pav was so vivid, that for a moment I mistook it to be a rendition of artificial food colour. But having lived here, I knew it was the handiwork of the infamous Mirchi.

Ber or Bore or Jujube

Have you heard Superstar Rajnikanth uttering the word ‘Jujube’… Do have a faint memory of eating a Ber phal, Bore hannu or Jujube in your childhood…

Wanna try coffee flavoured honey?

What flavour of honey would you prefer… orange, eucalyptus, mango, or coffee! No, you don’t need to fantasise to have flavoured honey of your preference. You just have to travel a bit.