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To Get Employed | Employ a Curriculum Vitae Writer

Curriculum Vitae Writers know what they are dealing with; they keep an in-depth and ‘specialized’ knowledge about CV’s.

Can Cartoons be Weapons of Political Activism?

While political cartoons have always been indices of public opinion, they also have served as weapons of political activism.
SS Bhatnagar

Indian Scientists – Unsung Heroes – Part II

Continued from Unsung Heroes of Indian Science – Part I Let’s look at some of little known Indian scientists who excelled in their domains and...

Unsung Heroes of Indian Science – Part I

Google recently called for applications to its annual Google Science Fair competition held across the globe. Young students aged 13–18 years are invited to...

What is Governance to Common Man?

Ram Singh first started out by assuring me that I will meet more good people than bad in Delhi, or any city. A bad episode gets hyped up in the media because it draws mass sympathy.
Aloknath Meme

Alok Nath in Cyber Tsunami?

All those sports enthusiasts who love going to the stadiums to watch the game are secretly waiting for one other thing. No, it isn’t...
Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

Day of the Non-Returning Indian? [Infographic]

Today India celebrates “Pravasi Bharatiya Divas” or the “Day of the Non-Resident Indian”. Organised under the aegis of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs,...

Are you a Hindu liberal?

Are you a Hindu? Do you consider yourself as a liberal? So are you a Hindu liberal? What is it about “Hindutva” that is un-secular or un-liberal?

Remember MiG 21… Remember Rang De Basanti

Today when we look back, it is clear that the nostalgia of MiG-21 valiantly serving the IAF during the war is swept aside by the activism sparked by Rang De Basanti!
Communicating with kids

Talking To Your Kids – And Listening Too!

This Children’s Day, let’s take up the challenge to keep talking, keep listening and keep emoting. The human touch is most vital element for all us now and we need to take care so that this chain does not break