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Swach Coop workers with uniform and id cards sort garbage

Waste Not Wealth Management – Part II

Sensible models of waste management and resource creation through recycling are emerging across a few cities of India. This is a collection of four case studies of waste management in Indian metro cities – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Surat.
Eco-friendly Banana Fiber Bag

Alternatives to Plastic Bags?

The first time I heard that the preservation of our environment was the “need of the hour” was in my fifth class. More than 10 years later and innumerable conferences later, the deteriorating condition of the environment still seems to be the “need of the hour!” If anything, the situation seems to have worsened, what with the global warming and all.

Waste not wealth management! Part I

The issue of waste management in India is a much debated topic which needs no introduction. Everyday, large space is dedicated in the media to highlight the problems of urban waste.

Looking beyond the rosy picture

It is that time of the year again. Roses and chocolates, cakes and candle night dinners. Valentine’s Day reignites the love in all romantic hearts and brings them together to share their affection publicly! The most prominent symbol for the day of cupids is the bouquet of roses that are exchanged among loved ones. As usual, lovers of all ages reach out to their nearest florists to customize their bouquets.
Paper Wasp

Animal Inspirations – Part I

Whenever a question is asked about who is the most intelligent animal in the universe, we pat ourselves on our backs. However, it would be appropriate to check if other animals on this planet are innovative as well.
Sukrushi Farm3

Urban Organic Farming

Do we wonder what food we eat everyday in our lives… Most of us wonder about it only when we go for a fine dining eat out! Otherwise on any other day, we care a damn what vegetables and cereals are being cooked to make our curry… After eating a tasty crunchy Gobi Manchurian or a Butter Chicken, why do our fingers have orange coloured stains…