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Heritage Home Atop a Hill – La Maison

Up in the hills, shrouded in the mist, resides a heritage home on the hills of Kotagiri, nestled between Wellington and Coonoor.

Palampur – Sleepy Village on the River Bend

Our inhouse army wife, Devangini follows her husband to border posts and quaint town across the country. This time, she is in Lahon in Himachal Pradesh, which straddles the picturesque plateau on the confluence of Beas and Chenab rivers.
Wellington Ooty

Wellington – What’s In A Hill Name?

Set in the cool climes of the Nilgiri Hills (near Ooty), Wellington is primarily home to the Defence Services Staff College, and also, has the quaintest of names.
surya mandir

Katarmal Sun Temple – Tryst with history in the hills

When I headed off to explore the Garhwal Himalayas in the month of July, I wasn’t quite certain what I had to be prepared for. However, topping that list were the rains. The incessant drizzle followed us with chilly determination. Our wanderlust woman returns again, this time discovering a sun temple hidden in the mists of time!
Eastern Ghats at Visakhapatnam Beach Road

Rediscovering my Eastern Ghats

As a child I always dreamt of great valleys, deep jungles, and lofty waterfalls. Fortunately I grew up in an area which was situated close to a spectacular valley with enchanting surroundings.

GHAC – Adventure greater than life

Have you ever travelled to a place in the wilderness where there is no temple, no historic monument, no shopping market, no beach? Do you feel the need for adventure?
Wild-Elephant-at-BR Hills

An Encounter with a Tusker

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Hills (BR Hills) is renowned for its wildlife diversity and forest management by the Soliga tribe. Just recently, the government has notified this unique wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve with huge implications on the life of the Soligas. Giridhar Malla our in-house wildlife researcher remembers his visits to the place and his wild encounters.

Monsoon in Maravanthe

Cindu is a wanderlust and avid traveller who has travelled across the globe. She discovers the magical placed named 'Maravanthe' on one fine rainy day! Maravanthe, reminds me of a bride, veiled by the dark clouds, embellished by the raindrops, waiting in nervousness and excitement for a fresh downpour. I am almost certain that Marvanthe provided at least some inspiration to Heaven's design!
Ajanta caves - Aurangabad

Aurangabad – A Peek into the History

History as a subject has been following me like the Vodafone dog since my early days in school. I always felt it is one of the most humdrum and mind-numbing subject. I used to find terms like caves and inscriptions, guerilla warfare, forts and others monotonous and unexciting.

Walking Through the Ruins of Nalanda

Who says only fear and emotions give goose bumps? Strangely, I felt them while visiting Nalanda University. Visiting the site of Nalanda University in Bihar came as a shock rather than the excitement of a historical tour.