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Indians hate to abide with rules

Why Do Indians Hate to Abide with Rules?

Rules are to abide by. But do we really understand the need for it? Ever wondered why Indians find it hard to follow them. Here some food for thought!
What is Right Education

Bearing Fulfilling Lives: What is Right Education?

What is right education? If education is to guide children towards fulfilling lives, then how can we create an atmosphere for this? Read more!
Climate Change Debet

Should India demand Climate Justice at Paris Talks?

India’s demand for climate justice remains clear that the burden of bringing down global temperature lies with developed countries, who are responsible for global warming

Two Contrasting Shades – Govind & Pahlaj Nihalani

Pahlaj Nihalani produced many films that were hits, but failed to bag any award. In contrast, we have Pahlaj’s brother Govind Nihalani – a pioneer of Indian parallel cinema

Is India Becoming an Intolerant Nation?

What aggrieves a liberal Indian is the level of intolerance that is being exhibited unabashedly. It’s time we ask if India has become an intolerant nation?
Teachers Day

Do we Worship Saraswati the Way we do Lakshmi?

Today, in the hungry chase of the materialistic wealth, Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge has been left behind in our society, which is after Lakshmi
Feeding India 2

Feeding India: Channelizing not just food but Happiness

Feeding India is a non-profit organization that aims to connect the two major social problems of Hunger and Food wastage as a solution for each other.
Telangana and Andhra

Choosing between Telangana and Andhra

Telangana and Andhra, or for that matter, even Rayalaseema are diverse regions with one common thing binding them – Telugu.

Let’s Talk About Ragging!

Ragging has been tagged as an atrocious practice for a long time. But what does it actually mean? Is it supposed to make the students' lives or break them?

A Bane called Caste System

In a country that boasts of its unity in diversity, there’s a vicious monster called caste system, that eats up our people inside out. Will this ever end?