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Finding Long Lost Friends in Facebook Era

A friend recently went for her friends reunion to celebrate their childhood moments. I wondered about the joy in finding long lost friends in Facebook era.
Aam Aadmi Party MLA

Main Aam Aadmi nahi hoon, kyunki…

I do not need a political party to start an agitation or take a stand. I wrote down these points to declare why I am no more a common man, a.k.a. Aam Aadmi
Abundance Syndrome

Abundance Syndrome – The Problem of Plenty

Abundance Syndrome - Multiple options for people at reasonable prices have resulted in people not attaching any sentimental value to what they have.
Indian Youth

Indian Youth – A Generation of Culture-Wreckers?

Indian Youth - Are we really a generation of selfie-obsessed windbags and culture-wreckers?
Kiss of Love protest

Kissa kiss ka – Kiss of Love Protests

Kissing and hugging are human emotions; they have nothing to do with a country’s culture. These Kiss of love protests against moral policing may or may not work, but such violent acts need to be prevented...
Federal Bank Advt

Do we learn from mistakes?

How many times in life after facing the consequences of our own mistake, we come out enriched with the learning of not repeating that mistake again...
selfies infographic

Selfies: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

At the very best, some say that selfies are actually a form of empowerment and go a long ways toward promoting a healthy self-image. But more often than not, selfies can lead to an obsession of self, narcissim, and can even have lasting damage if taken too carelessly.
Freedom of speach Shaheen Dhada

Freedom to speak freely, is it?

I thought we are living in a democratic nation where every citizen has certain rights. However, our fundamental rights, like ‘Right to the Freedom of Speech’ can’t be practiced with freedom.
Delhi Rickshaw

Governance And The Common Man

Define common, my mind told me, as I listened to this auto rickshaw driver speaking the truths of life as we know it in one of the largest democracies in the world.