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Nightlife in the Capital of Romania

Nightlife in the Capital of Romania Will Be the Greatest Part of Your Bachelor...

As of recently, the Capital of Romania is becoming more and more famous for its Bucharest Bachelor adventures that simply leave no group without a wish for some more of that sweet-sweet Bucharest nightlife.

Remembering the Soviet Books for Children in the Cold War Years

I remember in my hometown Aligarh there used to be a bookshop called ‘Naya Kitab Ghar’, owned by a certain Mr. Kishen Singh, an enthusiastic party worker who stocked Soviet books.
Reading in the 21st Century

The Magic of Reading in the 21st Century Visual Age!

However, I don’t think watching movies can ever be a substitute for reading. When you read a book, you become lost in a world that isn’t your own.

Brave Girls – A Film about Dreams and Struggles

The Brave Girls team has also begun a campaign to support the young women in India and across the globe.

How the Stock Market can Help You in Your Financial Growth

There are multiple online platforms in India where you can start your online share trading journey. These not only provide low cost, low brokerage avenues to trade

Expressive Fold Motors by Rubberband

Designed by Floris Hovers for Rubberband, Fold Motors is an unserious expression of serious design. Strong, sympathetic and colourful, these models are timeless and leave enough room for the imagination.

The Only Thing We Never Get Enough of is Love – A Valentine’s Day...

Apart from the many debates on how Valentine’s Day may not necessarily adhere to our culture and how a single day is never enough to express love
Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup Looks that are Perfect for Your Dress

Everybody knows that prom is all about the dress, but you will need to complete the look with the right hair and makeup.
Valentine Day Mistakes

7 Things To Avoid Doing On Valentine’s Day

Here are the list of Important Things To Avoid Doing On Valentine’s Day

Travel…! To Make Yourself a Better Person

There are a lot of places to see and things to do; allow yourself to have the opportunity to travel. Let yourself grow as a person just by wandering around the world.