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Saint of the Gutters Gets Sainthood

Mother Teresa’s followers truly believe the miracle done by the Saint of the Gutters and feel the church should acknowledge it by attesting with sainthood

Top 10 Places for Voluntouring in India

Voluntouring in India - Here is a selected list of voluntary organisations that provide opportunities for voluntouring in India, where you can opt for a diverse range of services:

Can Other Sports Thrive in a Cricket Crazy Nation?

Sportspersons in other sports languish despite achieving glory in global arena, but we will continue watching cricket. India is truly a cricket crazy nation!

Experiencing the Sounds of Silence

Working with Sounds of Silence was special adventure for me! SOS gave us volunteers a chance to help the hearing impaired connect to the world
Volunteering in India

Medical Volunteering in India Can Be Fun

I had decided to visit India during Diwali and work for a volunteer organization. Believe me or not, I experienced a truckload of funny events while volunteering in India. Check out the following to understand what I mean.
Feeding India 2

Feeding India: Channelizing not just food but Happiness

Feeding India is a non-profit organization that aims to connect the two major social problems of Hunger and Food wastage as a solution for each other.
Children of Nepal

Photo Feature: Children of Nepal – Do we really care about them?

One look at the children of Nepal shows the dire state of affairs in that poor country. Years of civil war and government apathy have resulted in pathetic conditions for the young generation

Narayana Health – Treating Health as a Social Cause

These days, a heart surgery seems to create a hole in the pocket to every middle class man. Narayana Health effectively comes to the rescue of many people.
Help Nepal Earthquake

Earthquake Devastated Nepal Needs Our Help

Here are a list of leading voluntary organisations working on the ground in Nepal, with whom you can contribute your donations-
Shweta Bhattad-Farmers-Haat

Shweta Bhattad buries herself for farmers’ cause

Under the Farmers Haat banner, Shweta Bhattad performed this daring act of being buried in a coffin to highlight the dire situation faced by Indian farmers