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The Reel Storeys – Architecture in Indian Movies

No wonder Indian movies have only been too willing to set their stories in beautiful locations that are a feast to the eyes.

7 Memorable Silent Movies of Indian Cinema

It was an era when actors could not talk and worked hard on their acting skills. Let’s take a look at some of the famous silent movies of Indian cinema

Top 10 Indian Children Movies You Must Watch

Here, is the list of 10 Indian Children Movies that led to a bigger social impact on every child ‘s mind.

The Indian Epics in Popular Culture

The epics continue to survive in this manner not only by word of mouth and traditions passed down through generations, but more so because of the way in which they have been adapted into popular culture.

Top Tourist Destinations Where Indians Do Not Require Visa

In this article, we look at some top tourist destinations where Indian passport holders can travel without a pre-departure visa. They can get a visa-on-arrival for a small fee or enter the country without visa.

Does Bollywood Reflect Indian Society?

Why is it that movies these days fetch box office numbers rather than focus on problems in the society? The popular movies support objectification and corrupt the mind and body, no matter whether it is of a man or a woman.

7 Revolutionary Directors of Indian Cinema

A list of seven revolutionary directors who had made their mark in the Indian Cinema with their legendary films.

Top 10 Indian Superheroes of All Time

We all love Superheroes, but did you know our country has its fair share of these super beings? Here is list of 10 Indian Superheroes with amazing powers.

Architectural Set Design in Indian Cinema

Here are some of the well known movies that were worth mentioning for their architectural set design in Indian cinema.

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