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Karnataka Culture – A Directory Of Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food And Festivals

Karnataka Culture - A state that defines the rich culture in its traditional attire of art, craft, music, dance, festivals and literature, to its modernity that the capital city Bengaluru breathes, Karnataka is a directory of rich culture.

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore

Karnataka Chirakala Parishath is Bangalore's biggest cultural hubs. The complex houses a college of fine arts and a visual arts center. The place has a variety of interesting things to offer. You can spend an...

My Cultural Connection with Karnataka – Ramachandra Guha

In his talk “Karnataka Naa Kandathe” Ramachandra Guha spoke about his nostalgic memories of coming to Karnataka and being amazed by its linguistic diversity

Understanding the Cultural Diversity of Karnataka [Infographic]

This infographic tries to depict the cultural divisions among the regions of Karnataka

Chittara – Discovering a Folk Art Form of Karnataka

However, not many know about the existence of a visual folk art form Chittaara or Chittara. Deewaru community who paint the Chittaara art, reside in the nearby villages of Gaddemane, Hasuvanthe and Manjina Kaanu.

Chitra Santhe – The Vibrant Art fair is Now Online

Chitra Santhe Online - There are around 1500 artists participating from across 20 countries this year. Each artists work along with their contact details and artwork is displayed on Chitra Santhe’s virtual gallery.

Trip to Coorg: A Love Affair with the ‘Scotland of India’

Trip to Coorg - A beautiful destination in Karnataka, Coorg, serves as a fascination to many travellers who seek a sense of thrill mixed with scenic beauty.

Tamil Nadu Culture: Exploring the Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Tamil Nadu Culture: Tamil Nadu is a land of enchanting beauty, a vibrant culture and a grand tradition. Through its fascinating heritage and historical significance, the state has managed to capture the attention of the world.

The Ganjifa Cards: Lost Art of the Mysore Royalty Getting Revived

The Ganjifa cards of Mysore have served as sources of artistic expressions. The kings were patrons of the artisans, and thus, the card game could flourish all across the country.

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