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Traditional art and craft

Potli – Indian Traditional Art and Craft for Children

Potli aims to reconnect children with Indian traditional art and craft through simple and fun approaches.And at the same time, sustain these old art forms. The organization behind POTLI , series of Indian art & craft...

Culture of Rajasthan : Exploring the Vibrant Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Culture of Rajasthan remains engraved in the comparatively modern lifestyle of people. Great dynasties like those of the Rajput and the Marathas have contributed to the diverse and rich history of the state.

Festivals of Nagaland to Experience the Best of North East Culture

Nagaland is a land of many tribe and cultural diversity, and the festivals of Nagaland beautifully portray the harmony and vibrancy of this state. Here is a journey through the numerous and diverse festivals that are part of Nagaland.

SUTALICRAFTS – Hand Crafted Gifts

SUTALICRAFTS  specialize in Craft based Contemporary masterpieces thus providing employment to hundreds of Indian rural artisans by using their generation old traditional Weaving and Handmade techniques. SUTALICRAFTS defines India's Cultural Art and Crafts and immensely...

Culture of Gujarat: Exploring the Rich Heritage, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

To understand the absolute diversity and unique culture of Gujarat, we dive into the various aspects that define the state and its people.

Culture of Manipur: Mesmerizing Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

The culture of Manipur is vibrant, intricate, and rich. Tucked away in the mighty hills, their beautiful tradition is a sight to behold and store in our memories and cherish for ever.

Tamil Nadu Culture: Exploring the Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Tamil Nadu Culture: Tamil Nadu is a land of enchanting beauty, a vibrant culture and a grand tradition. Through its fascinating heritage and historical significance, the state has managed to capture the attention of the world.

Handicrafts from Gujarat with Strong-rooted Traditional Essence

The handicrafts of Gujarat hold a special place for their variety and strong-rooted traditional essence. We can only hope that with efforts by various NGOs and the government they continue the legacy of yesteryears.

Kantha Embroidery: An Ornate Craft of Utility

The Kantha Embroidery is one of the most popular craft forms of India. It serves a great utilitarian purpose without losing its beauty and intricacy.

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