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West Bengal

Culture of West Bengal – Exploring the Rich Tradition, Art, Music, Food and Festivals

Culture of West Bengal is perhaps the wealthiest in India with regards to its magnificent literature to the colorful and splendid festivals, the state is home to various interwoven traditions, existing in perfect harmony with one another.

Photo Feature – Moichara Cattle Race Festival West Bengal

Photo documentation of the traditional bull racing event held at Canning as a part of Moichara cattle race festival in West Bengal.

Indian Culture vs Western Culture: The Beauty of Diversity

The different cultures of the world enthrall many, but we often compare Indian Culture vs Western Culture. Here we attempt to answer this!

Soul-stirring Music in Baul Culture of Bengal

The Bauls worship music and are not associated with any mainstream religion. Their music is the culmination point of a huge range of cultures from around the world.

AsalKaar – Where the Expertise of True karigars Meet the Passion of a Young Creator!

AsalKaar founded by Zainab works closely with the local artisans of West Bengal to create handmade and handcrafted products. AsalKaar’s wide range of products includes tote bags, leather purses, notebook covers, jewelry boxes and much more. Each of the products, carefully handcrafted are embroidered, embossed, painted etc.

The Murshidabad Heritage Development Society: A Journey Towards Preservation!

Murshidabad located on the banks of the Hoogly River in West Bengal was once an important center and the Mughal capital of the Bengal region.

Photo Essay: Eid-ul-Fitr at Siliguri

Photo documentation of Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations at Siliguri, West Bengal

The Tale of Seven Sisters… Part II

As expected, Guwahati welcomed me with unusual torrents. Although a stranger to the city, I never felt like one. The state capital’s language, culture, mannerisms, food, et-al., among many other things were strikingly similar to things in West Bengal.

The Coconut Diaries: A Quintessential Part Of The Indian Culture

A glimpse into the beautiful benefits of coconut and all the byproducts that have shaped the culture, heritage, demographic, and gastronomy of India.

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