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Natural History Classics and Popular Science Books of Yester-years! What a Difference They Made!

Books are said to be a person’s best companions and in my case some natural history classics and popular science books proved to be a life line, as I will explain shortly.

Remembering the Soviet Books for Children in the Cold War Years

I remember in my hometown Aligarh there used to be a bookshop called ‘Naya Kitab Ghar’, owned by a certain Mr. Kishen Singh, an enthusiastic party worker who stocked Soviet books.

Booksbyweight – One Kilo books @ Rs. 100

Love books? Books by weight should be your next stop to satiate the bibliophile in you. They are a traveling bookstore who open up their store in Pune for a limited period. Booksbyweight sells pre-owned books...

Pagdandi Books Chai Cafe – Haven for the Creative Mind

Love to eat and read? Visit Pagdandi Book Chai Café in Pune to sit in a cozy environment to enjoy a good book while sipping on a cup of hot Chai. Pagdandi Book Chai Café is the...

Must Read Booker Prize Nominated Books from Indian Authors

Indian authors of the English language are no strangers to the Man Booker Prize. In this article, we list four authors and books that have been awarded the coveted literary award.

Dilli ki Zubaan – Delhi’s Literature and Books

Some of the best libraries and bookstores of Delhi can be found at -

Literature & Books in Kolkata

It is apt for a city obsessed with books to have a street dedicated to books in Kolkata

Books and Children – A Special Kind of Connection

In this age of gadgets, books and children is a combination that's confined to the bygone era. How do we bring back the joy of reading to this generation?

Top Seven Banned Books in India

Banned books in India - Book censorship is not a new phenomenon – books have been banned for centuries. In a multicultural country like India, it is difficult to maintain stability

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