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5 Sustainable Eco-friendly Traditional Products Still Used in India

Here is taking a look at the 5 most sustainable products that have been around for long and probably have not merited enough limelight but have shone the way to many.

Kerala’s Beautiful Eco-friendly Handicrafts

Kerala has a wide variety of eco-friendly handicrafts. Here, take a look at the ones that beautifully capture the rich culture and heritage of the State.

Eco-friendly Businesses Ideas To Inspire The Green In You

Do you want to start a Eco-friendly business, or simply wish to reduce your carbon & water footprint, these business niches will definitely be of help to you.

How to Create Eco-friendly Interiors

How does one create eco-friendly interiors in today’s chaotic world? Here are a few simple tips to do just that

Eco-friendly Eating out at Lodhi Gardens

Eating out at weekends has become a part of our lives. Why not make it an 'eco-friendly eating' time by trying organic food for a change?

Tips for Eco-friendly Living for a Guilt Free Life

Today, on the eve of Earth Day, let’s pledge to make a difference in our lifestyle to build a better planet. I am sharing my tips for eco-friendly living.

Can our civilisation lead an eco-friendly lifestyle…

Living in harmony with the environment comes at a price of sacrificing our comforts. It's high time our civilisation moves towards an eco-friendly lifestyle

Vote for Best Eco-friendly Ideas from India

Our Caleidoscope Eco-ideaz Contest has reached the culminating stage now. We have received nominations from all across for the best eco-friendly innovative idea seen in India. Now, we seek your vote for the best idea among these innovations. The primary criteria will be the eco-friendliness of the idea and its commercial feasibility. If your idea is not in this list, you can add a new idea along with its photograph searched online. A participant can only choose two ideas. They can also promote their idea among their friends and get more votes. Just write a comment to vote for the idea.

Eco-friendly Ideas from India – part 3

Great green ideas are emerging from India that can be replicated across the country. Sustainable development is no more a buzz word among policy makers and activists; it is the underlying theme of every new jugaad innovated in the rural parts of the country. Here are some additions to the growing list of simple yet innovative ideas that are not only eco-friendly, but also are economical. This is in continuation of our Eco Ideaz compilation published earlier:

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