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Arambol Beach Festival – Goa’s Exotic Music Carnival

The musical scene of Arambol is difficult to capture in words, for the crooning melodies at sunset combined with the sights of conceptual land art at certain junctures on the beach makes it an unparalleled experience.

Caleidoscope Takes a Peak at The Oasis Festival

The Oasis festival was always meant to be an amalgamation of art, music, mindful fashion, home décor, collaborations, culture and cuisines. Caleidoscope was glad to partner with such an eclectic collection of art and cultural ensemble.

Is Jaipur Literature Festival the greatest literary show on Earth?

Book readers regularly congregate for book reading sessions by authors to understand the finer nuances of literature. Similarly, book fairs offer another opportunity to browse through a vast collection of books available in the market...

Global Citizen Festival – Global Music For Local Causes

Global Citizen Festival India is an attempt to bring together musicians to sing and ask youth to raise funds for their pet social cause on social media

AoL’s World Cultural Festival: Was it really worth it?

Despite all the controversies, Art of Living’s World Cultural Festival, was celebrated to showcase the diversity of the Indian culture as well as world culture

Vasantotsav in Pune – 10 years of musical excellence

Vasantotsav 2014 was the first event where I was exposed to the Indian classical music scene in Pune and I was taken aback by the enthusiasm of music fans

Vasantahabba festival – A Distant Memory!

Witnessing Vasantahabba was like an annual pilgrimage for dance and music devotees. They knew it happens on the first week of February every year, heralding the arrival of spring season

Echoes of Earth Enthralls Bangaloreans

The Echoes of Earth musical festival was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that enthralled the audience with soulful music and dazzling art display

Exploring the Folk Dance Forms of North India

There are various folk dances that are seen around these states of north India, and some even transcend state boundaries to integrate with the culture of the neighboring states.

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