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This Illustrated Poem will Change Your Perspective on Women

Artist Joseph Ragini worked closely with a victim of sexual abuse for six months. A collaboration that culminated into these poetic illustrations, and a new Perspective on Women

Poem – To Our Beloved Teachers

Its true that you will never forget things you learn.. so take a moment and thank that person who taught you.

Women’s Day Poem – Kissa Ek Mashhur Hua

On this Women's Day, Caleidoscope wants to celebrate the spirit of womanhood through this Hindi poem. our writer Sana Sayyed has written a poem to that depicts the struggle of a woman to breakthrough barriers and shows her strength to create a shining example in her society

Poem: Freedom Is My Birthright

Freedom is not something that we got when the British left us. It is so much more than just independence. What exactly is freedom, and its true essence?

Reasons For a Happy Day – Poem

I never said my sister a Thank you for all this and many more she does for me, I never will, for I don't want to break this treasure of mine.

Incomplete Without You – Poem

With you, my bewitched heart just went. Safe it is, my stolen heart, Close enough to hear your breath.

Keeping Hope Alive Always – Poem

Keeping Hope Alive Always – It’s not just courage that drives behind; but the faith that burns inside. Since victory is just a fine nothing, when it is not from within

Unseen World – Poem

What if we were to interchange places with them for a while... To observe the unseen world at a slower place, to appreciate its wondrous style?

History and Development of Indian Literature

The first ancient Indian literature was Sanskrit literature which comprised Rig Veda, Mahabharata, and Kannada, all of which were written in the first millennium BCE.

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