10 things You Should Know About the ICICI Lombard Insurance App



ICICI has been one of the leading companies in the country and is a pioneer in multiple spheres of society. From finances to health to banking, it has, in many ways, secured the future of Indian citizens. Other than venturing into healthcare and helping the people of India by safeguarding us with the help of insurance policies, ICICI has launched its insurance app that makes the process digitized and easy for everyone to follow. Protecting yourself, your loved ones, prized possessions, etc by investing in insurance is a task that you can now easily embark on. In case of accidents, emergencies, disasters, etc., the insurance policies that you have can be critical in mitigating the financial damage that you may otherwise incur. 

ICICI Lombard’s IL TakeCare App follows the philosophy of ‘Nibhaye Vaade’. Based on your individual needs, this app will assess and provide you with the services and benefits that you desire through a digital platform. Downloading the app and exploring the various advantages it offers can be of great benefit to you and your family.

Here are 10 things that you need to know about the ICICI Lombard Insurance app:

    1. Data Safety – The application is well-made with several security features in place to ensure that your confidential and private data is safe. Data privacy is of utmost importance and security practices vary based on the kind of use, age, and region you are from. The developers also update this information and security protocols over time. The data collected is not shared and distributed among third parties. Once you add the information, no one else will have access to it – it cannot be edited or deleted. 
    2. Range of insurance policies – If you are looking to buy insurance, this platform will offer you a range of services and different facets wherein you can claim your insurance. The vast variety of insurance products includes – motor (car and bike) insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, health insurance, etc. This leading insurance company in India takes care of all your needs on one platform and you can browse through the policies offered and renew the existing ones.
    3. User experience – The application is made to provide an easy and user-friendly experience to all. Since a smartphone is now available in almost all homes, you can download the ICICI Lombard insurance app with ease. It is designed in a way that makes the user experience simple to navigate. You will be able to conveniently manage your insurance policies and claims with the help of your smartphone.
    4. Hassle-free process – The most important aspect of your insurance policy would be the claim process. This app delivers a hassle-free claim process that you can complete in 3 simple steps. Initiate your claim at the click of a button, upload and provide the documents that support the claim, and track the status of the process in real-time. 
    5. Benefits associated – One of the major benefits that you can avail of with this application would be the cashless hospitalization process for health insurance policyholders. Additionally, you can also look for a wide network of hospitals and settle the bills with the application. Since you have all the resources in one place, it becomes easier to navigate through situations of emergency. Find hospitals, and garages, order medicines online, get any kind of health assistance, etc with this app. 
    6. Features – Calculate the premium amounts for the insurance policies you have chosen. The app has a built-in premium calculator that can help you get an estimate of the amount you may have to pay depending on the requirements of your coverage. 24/7 assistance is also provided regarding different aspects like health consultations or ambulance services.
    7. Technological benefits– The app uses technology to its benefit as you can check your basic vitals with the help of a visual face scan. Additionally, another feature called CalScan can help you keep a log of the ingredients and calories in your food. 
    8. Latest news and guidelines – Read the latest news, reviews, and guidelines from the motor industry and other relevant articles on the blog section of the app. 
    9. Completely digitized – Have a complete view of your policy details, download any documents related to the policy and structure, and make changes to them online without the hassle of managing and maintaining paper trails. You will also get personalized notifications and certain alerts on your mobile phone to keep you updated in the process. Any changes in policy renewal, premium payments, or updates in the documents regarding the insurance will be altered timely to avoid any last-minute distress.
    10. Emergencies – The app includes a handy emergency assistance feature that provides users with immediate access to helpline numbers for roadside assistance, medical emergencies, and other urgent situations.

The ICICI Lombard insurance app is an all-encompassing mobile application that can help you and your family safeguard your future and mitigate financial stress and damage in emergencies. The app being user-friendly and providing multiple benefits is a huge asset in today’s day and age.

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