10 Things Your Can Do At Home To Be Productive During Lockdown


Many a great man has stated that in order to assess a situation fully, one must not blind themselves to the positive side of every apparently harrowing experience. However in our present days of battle against coronavirus, now is certainly not the time for moralizing. No matter which part of the world one belongs to, this is the hour of practicality, as it is becoming increasingly clear that prevention is one of the only cures. Staying cooped up indoors all day through an unprecedented period of quarantine is a less than ideal experience, but it should not be a cause for anxiety or panic. If you have been feeling claustrophobic and demoralized, here are ten things you can do to make this burden easier and ensure these days are productive! 

1. DIY ART & Craft

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Remember scrolling through Facebook and checking out videos on origami and DIY art, and feeling like trying your hand at it? Well, there’s no time like the present to finally get around it and make an attempt to create something that is engaging and artistic. Going outdoors to get stationery is not an option and it might seem like a challenge to craft something out of materials available at home. Here are websites you can check out which have all the information on basic DIY crafts one can create at home from things that are usually around in the house:
https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/craft-ideas/ https://www.happinessishomemade.net/quick-easy-kids-crafts-anyone-can-make/

There are also plenty of YouTube tutorials on making crafts at home which you can search for to liven up your desks and rooms with old newspapers, wrapping papers, or simply colourful thread.

2. Read Good Books That Keeps You Happy

Photo by Anthony Tran

A lot of us are privileged enough that we do not have to deal with the crisis headfirst and can afford to do our parts simply by remaining indoors. Take this time to reflect, rejuvenate, rest, and finally read books that you have been meaning to for the longest time. One of the most popular websites for online books, magazines, and podcasts is Scribd (https://www.scribd.com/) and the good news is that they are now offering an entire month of free membership to everyone who creates an account. The resources are terrific and their classics collection is worth browsing through for those bookworms who cannot go out to their favourite libraries and borrow books. 

3. Learn to Cook

Photo by Jason Briscoe

Take some time out and learn how to cook. It may be only a basic dish, but this is the ideal time to try and go a step beyond boiling an egg or adding water to a bowl of Maggi. For those who do not have anyone to guide them through the process, there is always the option of consulting online cookbooks and websites such as Indian Food Forever (https://www.indianfoodforever.com/cooking-tips.html). If you would like to cook a different cuisine or wish to get a more hands on approach to the task, there are several YouTube channels with easy recipes for the purpose, such as Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmoX4QULJ9MB00xW4coMiOw). For the Masterchefs, perhaps try making that dish you have always admired at your favourite restaurant?

4. Try to Get Fit

Photo by Rawan Yasser

For the fitness freaks, it is highly advisable to not visit gyms at present. A far better option would be to download apps on your phone which provide personalized workouts depending on your preferences (such as Healthify Me). There are also several YouTube bloggers who upload instructive workouts to do at home for losing that extra kilo or crunching your way to building abs.

5. Doodle & Sketching

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How about digging up that bullet journal or pretty notebook you have been saving for an occasion to fill out with your artwork and creativity? Pour out the doodles and sketch ideas you have kept locked up in your mind and finally fill the blank pages with colour. If you’re suffering from writer’s block or are in need of a bout of inspiration, there is no need to fret. Search on Instagram with #bujo and be amazed by the number of ideas you’ll find awaiting you.

6. Maintain a Daily Planner

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Keep and maintain a daily planner. This will reduce the feeling of being out of control and will also help maintain discipline over these days which seem to be spinning on endlessly. This is also a great opportunity to take note of the things that you feel most like doing now so you have something to look forward to accomplishing once the tide blows over. Organizing your home is also a great option, and your closet is always a good place to begin.

7. Watch Online Entertainment

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Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Prime are pretty much our saviours. For those who do not have subscriptions to either of these there are many intriguing web serials on YouTube such as Little Things or Kota Factory that you can binge watch. 

8. Learn New Online Courses

Photo by Austin Distel

Browse through udemy, coursera, or edX, discover the top universities of the world offering online classes and certificates on a wide range of subjects and topics. Whether you are an art history enthusiast, or want to sharpen your business skills, or simply wish to understand how to lead a happier life – there are courses for every interest area. 

9. Reconnect with Family

Photo by Pablo Merchán Montes

Take this time to reconnect with friends through social media and phone calls, and spend much needed quality time with your family. You can even bring out the old board games or just reminisce and chat or have heated political discussions over steaming cups of chai.

10. Celebrate with Home Cooked Delicacies

Things-Your-Can-Do-at-Home-To-Be-Productive-During-Celebrate with Home Cooked Delicacies
Image- Pixabay

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions are tricky through a 21 days lockdown. But there is nothing a delicious home cooked meal, a perfect movie, and some good ol’ dancing to the party playlist on Spotify cannot fix.

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