6 Types of Sneakers for Men That Are a Must-Have



Sneakers are trendy, timeless, and oh-so-flaunt-worthy! Thanks to their cool styles and comfortable feel, these shoes can redefine your casual fashion instantly. And as with other trends in the menswear zone, the sneaker culture also undergoes rapid changes. This means sneakers provide plenty of options to etch out a distinct style statement. So, how do you select the best sneakers for men that can elevate your fashion persona? Not sure how to go about it? Fret not, for we are here to guide you through this fashion dilemma.

To help you out, we have rounded up six breezy sneakers for men that are a must-have for your shoe arsenal. Check them out:

Canvas Sneakers


Canvas sneakers are stylish and comfortable footwear designed for daily use. Crafted out of canvas material, these shoes have a distinct low-heeled design. They come in a wide range of colours and so can be easily teamed up with your casual outfits. 

You can get them in high-top or low-top versions, which further adds to the versatility of these shoes. If you are new to sneaker culture, you may be surprised to know that these sneakers inspired the trend of rolled-up jeans by the millennials. They are just what you need to go about your daily duties in style.

Basketball Sneakers


As the name indicates, basketball sneakers are designed to be worn on basketball courts. But their trendy looks make them the perfect choice to be flaunted outside the courts. When it comes to making a style statement, basketball sneakers for men are right up the alley for most fashion-conscious men! 

Their high-top look adds a distinct edge to their appeal. Whether you love playing basketball or not, there’s no denying that these sporty shoes can elevate your style statement on and off the basketball courts. Team them up with a pair of jeans or shorts for making maximum impact.

Leather Sneakers


Leather sneakers ensure the perfect blend of style and functionality. They are a popular choice for men who need extra protection and comfort for their feet. You can depend on your leather sneakers to complete your casual ensemble with ease. 

They may cost you more than the other sneaker varieties, but they are worth your money. You can flaunt them with your casual attire as well as sports outfits. Another big advantage of wearing leather sneakers is that they offer you the perfect fit. Designed to contour to the shape of your feet, they are great to wear for long hours at a stretch.

Slip-on Sneakers



Slip-on sneakers make a great choice as summer footwear. Like loafers for men, these shoes, too, don’t feature laces. That is why it’s easier to put on and off these shoes. They come in a wide variety of finishes and patterns. 

High on comfort and style, these shoes are ideal for wearing all kinds of casual wear for men. You need to keep in mind that slip-on sneakers must not be teamed up with high socks. Like other low-top sneakers and loafers for men, these shoes too lose their fashion impact if paired with high socks.

Velcro Sneakers


Velcro sneakers can effortlessly uplift the look of your everyday outfits. They may not go well with all kinds of outfits, but they can serve as the right fashion accessory with your casual attire. If you pair them properly, they can enhance the appeal of your fashion persona. 

Thanks to their availability in various colours and styles, you can flaunt these sneakers with your streetwear and casual evening wear. Apart from the style element, another plus point of these sneakers is their ease of use. As they come with Velcro closures, you don’t have to bother with tying and untying laces when wearing these shoes.

Retro Sneakers


With the retro wave swaying the fashion circuit, retro sneakers have been ruling the popularity charts for quite some time now. And it seems this trend of wearing retro sneakers isn’t saying goodbye anytime soon. Retro sneakers are a nod to the popular fashion trends way back in the 1980s. 

Defined by their low-cut profile, these shoes present an attractive look. They are also more comfortable to wear than the high-top sneaker versions of today. These retro shoes are made from traditional materials, such as suede and leather, enhancing their durability and lasting longer.

To Wrap

Sneakers enable you to express your enviable fashion sense explicitly. Whether you are dressed for a casual event or heading out to the gym, you can depend on your sneakers from dil ke deals to stand out from the crowd and assert your distinct style. 

The right pair of sneakers can add the right amount of jazz to your casual look. So, invest in a couple of sneakers that can redefine your fashion statement with ease without much ado. We hope the options mentioned above will help you in making your choice.

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