Basic Etiquette to Teach Your Dog at Home


Author- David Lyod


It’s always exciting when one brings a new puppy at home. However, a new pet always comes with some challenges. Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but there are times when they don’t act wisely. Mentioned below are some good manners that you can teach your dog at home.

Walk calmly on leash

Many dog training schools may never help your dog master this art. You must first ask the dog to sit still before putting on the leash. Every time your dog gets out of control, it is essential that you instantly stop the walk, stand still and wait for them to calm down before continuing the walk. It will take a tremendous effort on your part, but it will pay off if you persevere. Initially, practice indoors and once the dog is under control, proceed to the great outdoors.


Pet commands

Every dog should understand five basic code languages: sit, stay, lay down, come, and heel. All these commands will help one to communicate with dogs and will also serve as a groundwork for further advanced training. Try to keep all the training sessions indoors or at quiet places to avoid distractions. After your dog has learned the commands well, have sessions at different places so your dog learns to listen in spite of distractions.

Teaching your dog to relax

Many a times, dogs feel stressed when there are fireworks and thunderstorms. One would be surprised to know that calming behaviour can be taught to the dog. Take breaks from your play time to teach your dog how to relax. Physical exercise, yoga, body wrap and counter-conditioning are some of the things that can help the dog to remain calm. Make sure that you take the training process calm and slow.

Control barking


Dog barking is a good sign as it is the way it communicates and alerts the owner. But excessive barking may not be good as it shows that your dog is uncomfortable around new people. Try reducing dog’s exposure to strangers if it barks too much. Avoid encouraging your dog to bark at people at the door by saying ‘Who’s there?’ This will cause your dog to be on guard and will likely lead to alert barking. Even after following these steps, if your dog continues to bark, then it would be better to contact a certified dog trainer.

House training

House training is the most important thing when it comes to having a pet. Teaching dog to relieve itself can be an arduous task and one must have the patience to understand their schedule to avoid embarrassing ‘accidents’ in the house. It is harder in case of puppies as they do not have bladder control. To ensure that your dog defecates properly, take him to a place that is relatively quiet and without too many distractions. Get your dog acquainted with that area. Allow him to relieve without any disturbance. In case, your dog has urinated or defecated indoor, clean it up immediately. Do not yell at the dog for doing that.

Meal & dining etiquette

Dog Meal & dining etiquette

It is necessary to teach the dog to have some patience before having food. Keep them in sitting position while the food is being served. Use commands like ‘okay’ and ‘eat’ to communicate with your dog. Have a feeding schedule to predict when your dog will have to go to the bathroom. This will make the whole process of house training easier. It is important that one should feed their dog as per their age and weight. Consult with your veterinary for specific recommendations for your dog. If there is a puppy at home, schedule feeding three times a day. Usually, dogs hog a lot at the dinner table. Pet disturbance is not a good behaviour and it even embarrasses the owners in front of the guest. Also, the food that we eat should not be served to the dogs as it is not good for their health. It will take a lot of patience to teach your dog dining and meal habits, but the end result will be less stressful and embarrassing. However, if the dog is showing no sign of improvement, then it would advisable to look for some better solution. Consult the pet behaviour specialist in case of any problem.  It takes a lot of patience to train a dog but one should have a control over their temper. Above all, have fun and enjoy with your pal.
Have a happy dog training!

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