Family Medical History your Doctor Wants you to be Aware of



Knowing the family’s medical history is essential for multiple reasons. This will help you and your doctor identify potential health risks. Learning about the medical conditions running in the family can help you proactively think about your health and adopt the necessary steps to minimise the risk of developing certain conditions. 

In this regard, you can opt for a comprehensive family health insurance plan.

4 Important Family Medical History You Must Know

Your family’s medical history includes records of all the chronic diseases and disorders family members may have dealt with. Learning about such medical history is essential since genetics play a significant role in disorders and conditions that may develop over time.

Moreover, if one of your family members develops a disease, then you may be genetically vulnerable to developing the same. Therefore, by understanding or learning about the family’s medical history, you can take the necessary steps to reduce the development of any disorder or disease. 

Nonetheless, here are some of the conditions that your doctors want you to be aware of:

1. Osteoporosis and bone problem

If osteoporosis or bone problems run in your family medical history, the chances of you suffering from the same in the future increase. For example, if your grandparents have been diagnosed with such a disease, you are more prone to develop such a condition. Moreover, other health problems, such as blood pressure and diabetes, can also impact your bone health.

2. Cancer

This disease can be passed down in families. Some cancers are caused by a genetic mutations that are passed from one generation to another. If you possess a family history of cancer, you are more prone to developing the same medical condition. For instance, if most people in your family smoke cigarettes, you may develop lung cancer. Knowing such medical conditions in the family can help you make healthy lifestyle choices.

3. Gastrointestinal issues

If you have GI issues in the family, you must be aware of them. GI issues can be both mild and severe; caused by multiple factors. Often some people are prone to gastrointestinal problems due to genetic reasons, while others can develop the condition due to years of an unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, if you are experiencing such problems, it is important to consult a doctor and avail proper treatment.

However, such treatment can lead to severe expenses. In this regard, purchasing a family health insurance plan beforehand can manage all these expenses efficiently. Moreover, you can avail substantial coverage for the entire family by making a single premium payment annually.

4. Diabetes

It is one of the common medical conditions that run in families. Unfortunately, if your parents have diabetes, you are more likely to be affected by the same. In such cases, you must take necessary measures to prevent yourself from developing it.

For instance, you can prevent diabetes by controlling your weight and maintaining a balanced diet. Regular exercise is also important. 

Knowing your family’s medical conditions can help you take the required steps to stay away from such diseases and lead a healthy life. Besides, you can protect your finances with a family health insurance plan. 

Such health insurance policies are cost-effective and allow your loved ones to get the necessary medical treatment without worrying about expenses. Nevertheless, before choosing such plans, you must check all the policy terms and conditions to avail the best family health insurance plan and avoid hassles in the long run.

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