Get Up and Move With These 4 Trendy Smartwatch Under 5000



When we are stuck with the dilemma of whether we would like to transition to a smartwatch, we often weigh the pros against the price. Early models of smartwatches, when they were just introduced to the masses, were priced higher than most analogue watches on the market. This has drastically changed since the models are now designed to be packed with features, fashionable and accessible to all. Therefore, you can easily invest in your smartwatch under 5000 today.

They have evolved from smart gadgets to a lifestyle essential in recent years. Apart from being able to pair to your smartphone, manage your phone calls, notifications and more, it can now look out for your health. One of the downsides of a modern, fast-paced, and stress-packed lifestyle is how it can detrimentally affect your health in the long run. They have built-in features that track your vitals and keep you in tune with your body. Therefore, if you want a smart companion that reminds you to get up and move and look out for yourself, the following options for a smartwatch under 5000 are the best place to start.

The Dual-Toned Wonder


When you are looking for a smartwatch under 5000, the Reflex 3.0 is one the best options on the market that money can buy. It is a budget option best suited for those debating making their first smartwatch purchase. This watch has an unconventional look, with its long-lined straight dial and futuristic edge. The watch comes with 10+ sports modes that you can choose from to suit your workout schedule or athletic activities. It has a Full-Touch colour display, which can help you scroll through several watch faces and your bodily vitals with the help of the BPM tracker, Sleep Tracker, Meditation alerts, Reminders and more.

Be Bold in Blue


This premium model has joined the ranks of the smartwatch under 5000, making it the perfect purchase for your fast-paced lifestyle. The Reflex Curv watch is named after its 2.5D Curved Display, which gives it a chic and luxurious finish. The seamless and stunning display makes for a great user interface that can make scrolling through the features even more fun. The watch is complete with an in-built Health Suite with a Sleep Tracker, SPO2 Tracker, a Body temperature monitor, a Heart Rate Monitor and more. It is designed to make your lifestyle more in tune with your body to balance work and fitness equally well. It also helps you take calls, texts, notifications, and reminders when you are away from your phone, making it a great smart companion.

Back in Black


The Reflex Smart is of the best options that you can go for when you are looking for a smartwatch under 5000. This watch comes with an Ultra VU display, giving it a futuristic and effortless edge over other watches. This smartwatch is great because it is designed to focus on your physical well-being with a Health Suite unmatched features and accuracy. It also comes with 11+ Sports Modes, making your workouts easier to keep track of. You will not have to worry about staying sedentary for too long, as the watch comes with a Pedometer which can help you track the amount of steps you walk in a day. The watch comes with several Watch Faces to choose from, where you can customise its look as per your liking or mood.

Retro Red


Another great option for a smartwatch under 5000, the Reflex Vox is the perfect companion to everything active and busy. The watch’s features are amply suited for every lifestyle, and the 1.69″ Display makes scrolling through these features even better. The 5ATM Water Resistance makes it extra durable, whereas the 10+ Sports Modes can help keep you active and updated regarding your fitness levels. The watch also has the quintessential Health Suite, which keeps track of your Heart Rate, SPO2 levels, Sleep and more. The smart virtual assistant, Alexa, is also enabled on this smartwatch to keep track of deadlines, reminders, and other notifications.

Buying a smartwatch under 5000 can be a great long-term investment you can make for the sake of your overall well-being in the foreseeable future. The prices of these smartwatches have become more and more affordable as the demand for these smart accessories keeps increasing. Hence you can invest in your smartwatch under 5000 and embark on a fitness-focused, stress-free life like never before.

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