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It might seem trivial to some people to fuss over wine glasses, but they are very important to have the right wine-drinking experience. The size, shape, and stem of the glasses can actually affect the taste of the wine. It is truly fascinating how the taste of wine can change with the slightest of things, like the temperature of the glass, the width of the bowl and whether it is held by the stem or the bowl. Here in this blog post, we will talk about the key factors you should consider before choosing the right glasses of wine. Find the factors as follows: 

Match the Glass to the Wine


It is important to understand that different types of wine taste best in the right types of wine glasses. Now, it sounds insane at first because how can the taste of a beverage change based on the shape of a glass but just hear us out on this one, as this is where it gets interesting. The main reason behind the shape of wine glasses is that the taste of wine changes as per the exposure to air. Air exposure helps the wine to release its complex flavours and aroma. 

Full-bodied red wines like Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon are best suited with tall wine glasses with broad bowls. If you are going to serve lighter reds like Pinot Noir, you should use glasses that have wider but rounder bowls so that their delicate aromas can be captured. When it comes to white wines, you can enjoy them better in smaller glasses. The smaller glasses help maintain their temperature and direct the wine towards the front of the palate. Rich white wines like Chardonnay are better suited for somewhat larger glasses but lighter variations like the Sauvignon Blanc are better suited with smaller glasses. Champagnes on the other hand, are best suited with tall, narrow glasses called flutes. 

Stemmed Vs. Stemless

So this is a big debate of whether you should go for stemmed or stemless wine glasses. The traditional way of drinking wine involves stemmed glasses. The main reason behind using stemmed glass is not just because it’s aesthetically pleasing; it is mainly to maintain the temperature of the wine. When you hold a glass using the stem and not the bowl, the temperature of the wine can be maintained. Stemless glasses have a more contemporary appeal to them and are easy to store and maintain, which is why they are becoming more and more popular among the new generation home owners. 

Material of The Glass 


The material of a wine glass is one of the most overlooked yet essential properties. You should know which material is better suited to your needs. If you want a luxury wine-drinking experience, we suggest you go for crystal wine glasses. On the other hand, crystal glasses are laos more fragile and expensive as compared to glasses made of other materials. Regular glass is a great option if you are looking for something to use every day, as it is more durable and thicker. Also, if you want to go for crystal glasses we suggest you go for lead-free crystal material as it is a safer and environment-friendly option. 

Size and Shape of the Glass 

The size and shape of the glass matter a lot when it comes to enjoying the wine properly. If you pick a glass with a broad bowl, you can swirl the wine and allow for the wine to release its aromas. You have to see to it that the bowl is large enough so you can swirl the wine without spilling it. The rim of the glass needs to be thin for a better experience overall. Also, if the rim is kinda flared up, you can direct the wine to the centre of the tongue, which enhances the flavours of the wine. 

Go for Branded Options 

If you are looking for wine glasses and researching for the best ones in the market, we suppose you are someone who doesn’t take your drinkware so lightly. We suggest you look for options from reputed brands so you will be assured about the quality and look of the glasses. Whenever you use branded glasses and you host a gathering, people are sure to ask where you got your glasses from. 

Cleaning & Caring for Wine Glasses 


You need to understand that caring for the glasses and cleaning them can be quite a task. You need to consider the effort that goes into maintaining these glasses before you buy them. If you are someone who doesn’t host a lot, you might want to go for a limited number of glasses that are easy to maintain. If you host regularly, you can go for elaborate crystal sets and make an effort to maintain them. 

A Final Word 

Choosing the right glasses for drinking wine can involve a lot of nuances, more than one can think of. The shape, size, material, stem and temperature all affect the taste of wine a lot. Apart from buying the right glasses, you also need to consider the time and effort it will take to clean and maintain the glasses that you buy. Just remember, what you buy for your home is a true reflection of your personality. If you keep in mind the aforementioned pointers, you are sure to find the perfect glasses for your drinkware collection. Pure Home & Living has the perfect collection of wine glasses to impress your guests. Their products are of top-notch quality and the prices are to die for! We strongly recommend you check out their products and invest in the betterment of your home. 

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