10 Wonderful Keto-Friendly Foods You Must Try Now



Let me begin by saying that I’ve tried all diets you can possibly name, and nothing “magically” worked for me. Despite being an intuitive eater, I am more of a food lover than a hardcore fitness enthusiast. 

I’ve been overweight for most of my life, and if you’ve also struggled, you know the deal. Yes, I was body-shamed, and this did have a crippling impact on my mental health. But I was determined to make a shift and wasn’t prepared to back down unless I achieved my weight loss goals. And, this should explain my enthusiastic strides at searching for the perfect weight loss routine. 

When keto gained all the rage, and many began vouching for its remarkable benefits, I was tempted to give it a shot (maybe, the FOMO engulfed me). Perhaps, this was precisely the diet that I have been looking for — one that allows me to eat all the cheese and bacon and still helps me shed the extra pounds. And, to my surprise, it did work for me. Let me tempt you a bit extra by saying that a keto diet not only put me in the best shape of my life but also improved my relationship with food. Curious how? Let’s dive deep and discover:

In a nutshell, the ketogenesis diet or “keto diet” is a high-fat and moderate protein diet plan. You are required to restrict your carb intake, so your body reaches the ketosis state where you burn off existing stores of fat in the body. This results in rapid weight loss, and I swear it works! However, this brings me to the focal point of my discussion: what foods can you embrace in the keto diet? If this arouses your curiosity, here are some amazing keto-friendly food options that you should try right now:



If you fancy seafood, fishes are fantastic keto-friendly options you should lay your hands on. But stick to those with low carbs like salmon, sardine, mackerel, oysters, mussels, clams, squid. Not only do fishes reduce the risk of heart diseases (high content of omega-3 fats, vitamins, and minerals), they also improve insulin sensitivity.

Non-Starchy Vegetables


Low carb and cruciferous veggies like kale, spinach, cauliflower, zucchini, squash are keto-friendly vegetables that are great in your diet plan. With some creativity, you can turn these bland vegetables into delicious meals and use them as good substitutes for higher-carb foods like rice, potatoes, beets, or yam.



Amazingly tasty and filling due to their high fiber content, avocados do flaunt many health benefits. The good fats in avocados improve cholesterol levels, giving your body the required dose of potassium, a mineral so integral to transitioning from a high-carb diet to a high-fat diet. 



Staples of the ketogenic diet like fish, and poultry are rich in B vitamins and contain high-quality proteins which preserve and maintain your muscle mass when on a low carb diet. Stick to grass-fed meat as it is the healthiest choice — with higher amounts of omega-3 fats and antioxidants. 

Cottage Cheese


This one is a great vegetarian keto diet option. An excellent alternative to meat, cottage cheese consumed in moderate quantities is a great high-protein option to add to your keto diet. It makes you feel fuller and satiated, ideally suited to catalyze the benefits of ketogenesis. 

Seeds And Nuts


High-fiber, high-fat, and low-carb — seeds and nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, chia, flaxseed, pecans, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and even certain cancers. 

Butter And Cheese


Though demonized for the longest time, research now proves that saturated fats like butter and cheese aren’t linked to higher risks of heart disease. These good fats contain trace amounts of carbs. The conjugated linoleic acid present in them has been known to promote fat loss.  

Dark Chocolate


Super-yummy and delicious dark chocolate is your savior when on the keto diet. Not only do they give you a good supply of antioxidants, but they also reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering your blood pressure. Choose a variant with at least 70 percent cocoa solids, and remember to eat in moderation!



Eggs are a fantastic keto-friendly option for you, especially for breakfast. Eggs do tick off a lot of boxes for keto lovers. They are rich in proteins, good fats, vitamins, and most importantly, low in carbs. To pack an extra punch of nutrition, cook eggs in keto-friendly oils like avocado or olive. And if you’re wondering whether the yolk is consumable, yes it is, since it’s power-packed with nutrients.

Coffee Or Tea


I love sipping something warm the whole day. Unsweetened beverages like tea or coffee are good keto foods. They contain caffeine which increases your metabolism, improves your mental alertness and moods, and lowers your risk of diabetes. You may also add some cream to your tea or coffee, but it’s good to steer clear from lattes and high-carb flavorings. 

Now that we’ve compiled these readily available keto-friendly foods embracing the keto journey won’t be complicated. I’d suggest you give them a try to reap the benefits of this fantastic diet! Also, you can use these foods to prepare some amazing keto-friendly recipes that are simple and easy to put together in a jiffy. I hope your journey into the world of keto becomes smoother now. So, do let me know which are your favorites. What other keto food items can you add to this list?

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