Simple Lifestyle Changes that Result in Good Health


Author: Evelyn

What is a lifestyle really? The way we live, our habits, our routine, our behaviors? While most people improve their way of living in different ways, many think of lifestyle in terms of health. When you take health into account, your lifestyle habits affect it more than your genes. Living in a world where everything is a race, i.e., career, education, marriage, kids, etc., giving attention to our lifestyle can be a little tricky. While it doesn’t have to be a huge affair, it does need some effort and mindfulness on our part. Nothing more accurate than the quote “Health is wealth” has ever been said. 

Our habits can make or break us. We need to consciously choose and inculcate specific changes and practices to live a healthy, meaningful life. When the novel Coronavirus hit the world, the vitality of good health started surfacing on everyone’s mind. Being healthy doesn’t need to be a big production; it is always in our lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only way to ensure a healthy body and mind. While exercising is the most definitive part of a healthy lifestyle, there are other changes and improvements we can incorporate into our routine. Here are 10 lifestyle changes we can integrate into our lives, easily –

Drink Water


Ask any health enthusiast, and the first thing they’ll recommend is drinking water. Hydration has proven benefits on our body and mind. Our body is made of 60 percent water. Hydrating will promote body functions like regulating body temperature, digestion, etc. It also aids in metabolism. 

While the margin is 8 glasses of water, you don’t have to start gulping a lot of water on the first day itself. Start by finishing a bottle of water every day and slowly make your way up to 2 liters or 8 glasses of water every day. The best way to keep track of your water consumption? Keep a water bottle by your side, if that’s insulated, then you have the option to store a hot or cold beverage that you can sip on! A flask or insulated water bottle works wonders for your coffee, tea, fresh fruit juice and even your protein drinks. Choose a flask that’s trendy and functional, one like Vaya Drynk, and you will need no more water reminders, this stunning water bottle does the trick!

Take Regular Walks and Move More


Walks can be incredibly refreshing and energizing. A 20 minutes’ walk can do you a world of good. You don’t need a gym or run a marathon to stay fit; a few minutes of the brisk walk does a good enough job of keeping you healthy. A walk has a positive impact on your metabolism, reproductive system, and system function. 

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then make sure you are taking regular walking breaks. A 5-10 minutes stroll in the fresh air will make a huge difference, and your productivity will increase too! You can also set your alarm clock 10 minutes early to do some stretches. Take the stairs instead of elevators. Go for that evening Zumba class you’ve been eyeing for a while. While these things are just tiny changes in your life, they bring a significant impact on your health. 

A rich-fiber breakfast


As they say, breakfast makes all the difference to your day and health. Your day’s first meal is breakfast, and it needs to be filling as well as healthy to keep you going till lunchtime. Always select something rich in nutrients and especially fibers. 

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  1. Very rightly said, simple changes in lifestyle can result into good health. This is my personal experience too. keep inspiring us with such amazing articles. Thank you


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